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Article: An easy-to-understand explanation of Cartier's popular model "Tank" for women

An easy-to-understand explanation of Cartier's popular model "Tank" for women

In this article, we will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of Cartier's popular model, the Tank, for women.

What model is the tank?

The Tank is a rectangular design inspired by the plan of a tank, created by Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder of Cartier.

How did the design of the Cartier Tank watch come about?

I know that much!

I think that's what you're talking about, so I'll delve into the parts that you're probably wondering about.

What women probably want to know is

What types of tanks are there?

·What's the difference?

・Which model is better?

(Including discontinued models (used))

I wonder if that's the case.

I will explain each of the above in order.

What types of tanks are there?

Many Cartier models have the name "Tank" at the beginning of their names, which indicates that they are derived from the Tank Louis Cartier.

How the Tank Louis Cartier relates to other models

Here are all the ladies' models currently on sale:

・Tank Louis Cartier

・Tank Francaise

・Tank mast

・Tank American

It will be.

Discontinued ladies' model

Cartier Watches: Discontinued Tank Derivatives

・Tank Solo

・Tank Anglaise

・Tank Alonge

・Must Do Tank

It will be.

There are other famous models such as the "Panther" and "Ballon Bleu," but they don't have the word "Tank" in their name, so you can tell they are not models derived from the Tank.

First of all, here is an explanation of the different types of tanks.

So next, let me explain what makes them different.

What is the difference between each tank?

The big difference is in the design.

Again, I think you'd say "Obviously, you can see it!", so I'll explain the fundamental difference, or rather the position.

First, the model that reigns at the top is the Tank Louis Cartier.

There is also a model called Ronde Louis Cartier, and the Louis in this case refers to the third generation Louis Cartier, signifying the pinnacle of his craft.

Returning to the main topic, the Tank Louis Cartier is clearly distinguished from other derived models.

It's the material.

While other models are made of stainless steel, the Tank Louis Cartier is only available in 18k yellow or pink gold and does not come in stainless steel.

This is an indication that the top model is made using only the finest materials.

So, does that mean that the derived models, such as the Francaise and American, don't use 18k material? Of course not.

(There is no 18k gold model for the mast tank.)

The derived models are also available in 18k gold.

There is no particular order to the derived models, and although there may be slight differences in price, they can all be considered to be in the same position.

Now let's discuss which model is best.

Which model is better?

Looking at these tanks, there are several models available, so it can be hard to choose.

I wish I could say, "This is the best!" but I believe that the right choice is to choose the design that you like.

That's because Cartier is a company with nearly 200 years of history and a proven track record of satisfying emperors and queens.

Therefore, as all models are designed and manufactured by Cartier, they are beautifully finished and their beauty is in a different league compared to other companies.

With this in mind, what is the ideal way to choose a bike? First of all, I think it comes down to size.

Cartier watches are available in three sizes for women: "Mini," "SM," and "MM." These different sizes change the way the watch feels on the wrist.

(Mini may or may not be available depending on the model)

This is a line-up of American mini, SM, and MM watches, but even with the same model, the way it fits on the wrist and the impression it gives are different because there are three different sizes.

For example, the mini size is quite small, but many Asian women have thin wrists, so the mini size is just right for them.

Also, although it will depend on the situation in which you use it, the mini is ideal if you want to show it off casually.

When it comes to SM, it really gives the impression that you're wearing a watch, so I think that for people who work in an office, just looking at it and checking the time will give them the motivation to work hard again.

MM may be a little big for women, but it's common knowledge that a slightly larger watch is better when matching it with your fashion! So, even if the watch is a little big, as long as it fits comfortably on your wrist, it's not a problem at all.

When choosing a Cartier watch, I don't think you would choose only from the Tank range, so I have created an article on the most popular Cartier watches to choose from among all of their watches. If you are interested, please take a look.

An easy-to-understand explanation of Cartier's popular model "Tank" for women

It is important to choose a model that is out of production (used) as well.

Now, we will explain the importance of choosing models including discontinued models.

By including discontinued (used) items as options, your options will be greatly expanded.

Cartier watches: A discontinued Tank variant

For example, the Mini Tank and Tank Alongé are small, cute, and have beautiful designs, but they are not included in the current lineup.

If you only look at current models, you'll miss out on models like this.

For this reason, we also recommend discontinued products.

Another thing that I think is a big deal here is the price.

I am writing this article in September 2023, and due to global inflation, the prices of everything are rising.

The same model continues to see a 10% price increase compared to last year.

If you look at discontinued models, you can even purchase a higher-end discontinued model for the price of a new product.

As we look through discontinued items in this way, we come across a model called "Must Do Tank," which I'm sure you've all seen before.

As explained earlier, all watches designed by Cartier are beautifully designed, and of course that includes discontinued models.

This watch was created in the early 1980s, but is still a long-selling model that ranks highly today.

The best thing about the Must Do Tank is that because it is an older model, it is small in size and fits Japanese women perfectly.

Even though it is discontinued, it is a popular model and is therefore fairly priced, but it is still not out of reach, so I think it continues to be popular as a watch with just the right price and design.


To sum up, the Tank model is Cartier's signature model, and when you actually wear it on your wrist, it shines like a work of art.

With a rich history and tradition, Cartier continues to produce beautiful watches.

I hope this article has helped you to better understand the Cartier Tank and to love it even more.

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