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Article: Global Shipping

Global Shipping

Payment Methods

Credit cards (Visa/Master/AMEX) and bank transfers are accepted.

Some items will be handled with payment by bank transfer only.
In this case, we will contact you with bank account information.

We have accounts in the US, Europe and Singapore.
If you send money using wise, in most cases you will be able to send the amount domestically instead of overseas.





Available Countries for Shipping

Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
If the item is available for shipping, the available countries will be displayed and you can pay directly.
If your country is not displayed, please feel free to contact us through [Contact Us].





Shipping Methods for Products

All items are shipped promptly by DHL with a tracking number.

The order will be shipped promptly in 1~2 business days upon receipt of payment.

Please be assured that insurance will be applied in the event of damage or loss of goods.



Time to arrival of goods

For Asia, it takes about 4 business days.
For the U.S. and Europe, it takes 5~7 business days.

Please understand that the above is a reference number of days and the exact arrival date will vary depending on the country's customs.How much the shipping cost?

Shipping charges

Asia 23,000JPY
All other regions 30,000 JPY

Shipping costs include insurance for the item.

Import Taxes and Duties Notice

Buyer must pay customs duty.

If you do not know the customs duty you plan to pay, please check the following website.
You can check the amount of customs duty to some extent.

Duty Calculator

Payment of customs duties is due upon receipt of the goods or from an invoice that will be sent to you at a later date.





Return and Refund Policy

Please contact us 14 days after receiving the product if you find any defects such as malfunctions or major differences from the description.
We will take the appropriate action.
We will not be able to respond for reasons such as the product is different from the image or is no longer needed.

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