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Article: Payment methods and shipping fees

Payment methods and shipping fees

about shipping cost

Shipping is free except in the following cases:

For items under 50,000 yen, shipping charges will be cash on delivery.

Payment Method

Bank transfer

Antique Tableware Sumishin SBI Net Bank
Sumishin SBI Net Bank
Branch name: Corporate First Branch
Account number 1792657
Name: Seno Oshiyoji

(The "do" at the beginning indicates a limited liability company.)

Cash on delivery

We will charge an appropriate amount based on the price of the product as a cash on delivery fee.
You will be required to pay when the product arrives.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please have the total amount of the product price and handling fee ready upon receipt.

*Only items up to 300,000 yen can be shipped cash on delivery.

credit card payment

Antique tableware Card payment

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