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Article: The Hidden History of the Cartier Trinity Ring

The Hidden History of the Cartier Trinity Ring

Its balanced design and clean lines embody the kind of design that only Cartier jewelers can achieve.

Since its creation, Cartier's Trinity ring has straddled the line between jewelry and sculpture, becoming a beloved accessory among celebrities of both genders.

Hollywood stars who loved Cartier Trinity rings

Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Gary Cooper were huge fans of Cartier's Trinity rings and considered them an essential accessory.

From here on, we will take a closer look at the appeal, story behind its creation, and history of the Trinity ring, Cartier's timeless masterpiece.

The Appeal and History of the Cartier Trinity Ring

Nearly 80 years after the company was founded, Louis Cartier, the founder's grandson, designed an intertwining ring for the French poet and playwright Jean Cocteau.

Jean Cocteau

※Jean Cocteau

Using his friend's imagination as a starting point, Louis created three rings in different precious metals - yellow gold, white gold and pink gold - to form interlocking rings.

Each ring has the following meaning:

"Pink Gold is Love"

"White gold is friendship"

"Yellow gold is loyalty"

Perhaps it is not just the beauty of a work of art that makes us feel its deeper appeal, but also the meaning it contains.
*The first Trinity ring was made in 1924. The origins of the Trinity ring

*The first Trinity ring was made in 1924

Trinity ring sketch *Image provided by Cartier "Trinity Ring Sketch"

In the 1930s, bracelets derived from the Trinity ring also became a huge success, and the symbol of French elegance ( It is an expression that refers to the elegant, sophisticated style and lifestyle that is unique to France. )

The fluidity of the movable ring, rounded on the outside and smooth on the inside, has made this ring a favorite of great actors and fashion conscious alike.

Portrait of Grace Kelly wearing Cartier's Trinity ring *Photo of Grace Kelly wearing the Cartier Trinity ring

The ring also gained worldwide recognition after Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper wore it.

Established as the Trinity Ring

Until then, it had not been given the nickname "Trinity Ring" and was developed as one of Cartier's creations.

However, due to the events I have just explained, in 1981 the three-ring set was officially named "Trinity".

Over time, the style has morphed into other shapes and styles.

In the 1990s, they began to be designed on a larger scale, sometimes incorporating gemstones into the design and sometimes changing shapes and styles to suit fashion trends.

1990 Trinity ring in yellow, rose and white gold
*A large Trinity ring

From 2014 to the New Trinity

2014 Trinity Louvain Ring Diamond solitaire and diamond-studded ring in platinum
*2014 Trinity Ruban Ring: A platinum ring with a diamond solitaire and diamonds.

In 2014, Cartier once again proved that its innovative designs stand the test of time, introducing the Trinity Ruban Solitaire (solitaire means set with one diamond).

This piece is inspired by the ritual of marriage, where two souls join together, and is the first Trinity ring to be designed as one connected ring.

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