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Article: What were the watches from the Louis Cartier collection like?

What were the watches from the Louis Cartier collection like?

To watch the Louis Cartier collection in video, click here:

In this article, we will explore what the Louis Cartier Collection was, which was launched in 1973.

I will explain what this means.

The current models are more than enough in the lineup, but if you look at previous Cartier models, you will find even more designs.

If you are a fan of Cartier watches, you must have had similar thoughts.

"What is the name of this model? It's too much trouble to look it up, so I guess it's ok."

And that's it.

In this article, we cannot introduce all of the models that have been released over the years, but we will provide a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of the 12 models that were added to the lineup in 1973. Please use this as a guide when you are confused about what to choose.

Early 1970s: Cartier's current situation and transformation

Early 1970s: Cartier's current situation and transformation

In the early 1970s, our Japanese company, Seiko, succeeded in commercializing quartz watches as technology evolved. This overturned the conventional wisdom about wristwatches and changed people's demands and preferences for watches.

Nowadays, we think that both hand-wound and automatic watches are cool and would be considered for purchase, but back then, quartz was the strongest and hand-wound and automatic watches felt outdated.

Also, Cartier was affected by these factors and fell into financial difficulties in 1972, leading to the end of family management.

This prompted the Cartier family to seek support from leading companies in the industry.

So the Vendôme Luxering Group (now the Richemont Group), a giant in the Swiss watchmaking industry, acquired a controlling stake in Cartier.

Under new management, a long-term strategy was established, breathing new life into Cartier's watch collection.

It was a strategy that took advantage of Cartier's history and tradition and focused on classic models.

We also actively focused on using quartz movements for the watches.

Adapting to the times and incorporating new and original design elements, the style remained faithful to the classics, relying once again on the floor plans drawn by Louis Cartier.

Louis Cartier's watch designs

Therefore, the collection was named the "Louis Cartier Collection" because it is a revival of designs originally made by Louis Cartier.

In 1973, the "Louis Cartier Collection" series was created, consisting of 12 models.

These model names are as follows:

Louis Cartier Collection - 12 models






・VLC (Vendome Louis Cartier)

Louis Cartier Collection - 12 models


・Tank Normal


・Tank Louis Cartier



It consisted of 12 models.

With the exception of the women's version, "Baignoire," each model was made in both men's and women's versions.

These series were launched as luxury lines, and all models were made of 18K gold and the leather straps were decorated with deployant buckles.

For more information on deployant buckles, please watch this video:

12 Model Designs and Features

Looking at the case shapes of these 12 pieces, we can see that they have a simple design, typical of Cartier, but behind them, elements such as color, shape, size, arrangement, and material create a deep harmony that gives the viewer a pleasant impression.

Once you understand the design shape and what the model name means, I think you'll be able to make a good agreement after reading the article a few times.


Cartier Watches Santur

"Saintur" means "belt" or "obi" in French.

For us Japanese, an example that is easy to understand is the obi of a yukata or furisode, where the knot is an extension of the obi.

In this way, as its name suggests, the Santur watch features a unique design in which the watch case and strap are integrated.

This creates an elegant look that resembles a belt or sash.


Cartier watch Square

"Square" means "quadrilateral" or "rectangular" in English.

Cartier's "Square" models, as the name suggests, feature a square case design. This simple and sophisticated design expresses an elegant style and symbolizes Cartier's classic aesthetic.


Cartier watch Ellipse

"Ellipse" is a word written as "Ellipse" in English and is a concept commonly used in mathematics and geometry.

An ellipse is a closed curve in a plane with two foci that resembles a circle, but has unequal lengths of its horizontal and vertical axes, giving it an elliptical shape.

Cartier's Ellipse models are so named because they incorporate this oval shape into their design.

The case and dial are elliptical, creating a unique beauty and elegance.


Cartier watch Santos

The Santos is a model that is still in the current line, so I'm sure most people are already familiar with it, so I won't go into detail here.

Santos explains in detail in this video, so if you're interested, please check it out.


Cartier watch Baignoire

Baignoire means "bathtub" in French, and the name comes from the resemblance of the watch's distinctive oval case to a bathtub. The watch was first introduced in 1912 and has since been produced in various versions.

For more information about Baignoire, please see this video.

VLC (Vendome Louis Cartier)

Cartier Watch Vendome Louis Cartier / VLC

The name is derived from the famous Place Vendôme in Paris, France, which is considered an important location for French luxury jewelry brands.

Known for its elegant and sophisticated design, this watch embodies Cartier's classic aesthetic.

Crystallor / Crystaller

Cartier watch: Cristallor

The name comes from the French word "cristal," meaning "crystal," and comes from the beautiful crystal-like shape of the watch case.

The Cristalor features a unique hexagonal case design, perfectly blending Cartier's traditional design elements with innovative shapes.

This model features a three-step bezel that gives it a three-dimensional look.

Tank Normal

Cartier watch Tank normal

The Tank Normale is one of Cartier's iconic watch models, the Tank series.

The Tank Normal was released in 1919 after the first Tank was released in 1917, and features a simple and classic design.

The Tank Normale features a rectangular case with parallel side bars, Roman numeral indexes, a silvery dial and a blue sapphire cabochon crown, Cartier's symbol.

The model known as the "Tank Normale" was available in both men's and women's versions and in two types, yellow gold and white gold, when it was released in 1973.

The difference is that the original from 1919 had what are known as Breguet hands, which have holes between the hands, while the 1973 "Tank Normale" uses sharp, thin baton-shaped hands.


Cartier Watch Gondola

The name Gondor comes from its shape, which resembles a gondola, a traditional boat from Venice, Italy.

This model is shaped just halfway between a rectangle and an oval and features flowing, streamlined bezels on either side of the case.


Cartier Watches Faberge

Although I have not been able to find any solid roots for Fabergé, it is believed to be named after Peter Carl Fabergé, a Russian jeweller and goldsmith.

One of his most famous works is the Faberge Egg, a piece of jewelry given as gifts to aristocrats and the wealthy, and the prevailing theory is that the design was inspired by this.

I'm not sure about Faberge, so if anyone has more information I would appreciate it if they could let me know.


Cartier Watches - Coussin

Coussin means "cushion" in French, and the model was named after its shape which resembles a cushion.

The dial is rectangular with rounded corners and a cushion-like design.

The Coussin is still available in the current line, but the wedges on the corners have been removed and square styles have been introduced, resulting in a major design revamp from the Louis Cartier collection.

Tank Louis Cartier

Cartier Watch Tank Louis Cartier / Tank Louis Cartier

As many of you already know about this watch, there is no need to say much more. This watch is attractive for its elegant and sophisticated design, and due to its history and reputation, it is loved by many celebrities and watch enthusiasts.

The Tank Louis Cartier is still very popular today due to its timeless and universal beauty of its design, and is considered one of Cartier's most iconic watches.

These models are equipped with automatic movements as well as hand-wound movements, and the same model often has different movements.

In this way, Cartier was able to continue to adapt to the changing times in the 1970s by incorporating new technologies and design elements while still preserving its classic designs.

This strategy has enabled the brand to maintain and even strengthen its position in the luxury watch industry.

This concludes our explanation of the 12 models in the Louis Cartier Collection.

From here, I will explain the differences between the Tank Normal and the Tank Louis Cartier mentioned earlier.

What is the difference between the Tank Normal and the Tank Louis Cartier?

Tank-Louis-Cartier vs. Tank-Normal.jpg

The very first Tank was created in 1917, but it wasn't actually released to the market until 1919, and it is this 1919 model that has been revived in the Louis Cartier collection.

This is the normal tank I explained earlier.

This is a sturdy style with a square shape, sharp edges on the frame, and is thick.

Then, five years after the release of the Tank in 1919, the Tank Louis Cartier was born in 1924, and I think this is the style that we generally imagine.

So to distinguish between these models, the first Tank was named the Tank Normale, and the 1924 one was named the Tank Louis Cartier.


There are 12 models, so it will be difficult to memorize them all just for today.

However, I think you will be able to understand it to a certain extent after reading the article several times, so I hope you will use it as a guide when you forget.

As you can see, there are many different models of Cartier watches going back in time, and it is easy to find a design that you like.

What's more, the appeal of the Cartier brand is that it never discards its designs, but rather revives them through the ages.

Those of us living today can only see the current line, but if we look at a span of 10 or 20 years, there is a chance that the old models will be revamped and added to the current models.

Some of them are still available in the current line, but waiting anxiously for the discontinued ones might be another fun part.

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