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Article: I went to the "Cartier Watches: Transcending Time" event held in Harajuku!

I went to the "Cartier Watches: Transcending Time" event held in Harajuku!

I went to the "Cartier Watches: Transcending Time" event held in Harajuku!


This is Seno from Belle Montre 😊

I attended the "Cartier Watches that Transcend Time" event, which is being held until October 1st, so I would like to share my impressions of the event here.

Cartier Watches Timeless Venue Exterior

First of all, the exterior is a bright red, which is in keeping with Cartier's image, and it has the Cartier logo painted on it, giving it a very stylish look.

Cartier Watch Timeless Exhibition Hall (Entrance)

As we went inside, we were able to see a theater, actual products, and a theater-like setting where we could see Cartier's history and the works they have created up to now.

The theater is easy to watch, about three minutes long, and allows you to intuitively understand Cartier's history, so I think it was easy to understand even for women.

The best thing about it was that when you go inside, you have to scan the QR code, and then you can hear voice guidance from Ogiyahagi, Yamada Goro, and Hirate Yurina.

Hearing this guidance makes me feel an indescribable joy, as if someone was really there talking to me.

This is the actual booth where the watches are on display.

Cartier Watches Inside the timeless venue: A booth displaying Cartier watches

There are a lot of people in the center, and the items are on display in the center and on the outside. The center one is the archive, and although it has been discontinued, it is such an amazing model that it will go down in history.

On display was a model whose exterior is actually one that is still on sale today.

From here on, I'd like to introduce some of the works that were on display.

What kind of artwork was on display?

The first one I would like to introduce is the Baignoire series.

Cartier's watch "Baignoire"

This model is called Baignoire, which means "bathtub" in French.

Western baths are generally round and deep, aren't they?

So that image was directly adopted and this style came out.

Cartier watch "Baignoire Allongee"

This is called the "Baignoire Allongée", which is an extended model of the Baignoire that I explained earlier.

The word "alongé" includes the meaning of "stretched out."

Cartier watch Crash Diamond model

This one is called a crash, and it has a distorted shape.

How do you create a design like this?

This raises the question, but the original model was the Baignoire watch introduced earlier, but when a customer who had been in an accident brought the watch to Cartier's workshop in France, it had been deformed into this distorted shape, and Cartier decided to incorporate this into the design as is.

Cartier's approach to design is amazing.

They also have a regular model, but this one is paved with diamonds, and even as a man I found it so beautiful that I was mesmerized by its beauty.

The history of the Baignoire series is explained in detail in this article, so if you are interested, please take a look here ↓

Now let's move on to the next model.

This is the Santos-Dumont model.

This is the same model, but it was made in a different year and if you look at the index on the dial, you'll see that it's Bordeaux.

This is a rare model that was produced in limited quantities.

Cartier watch "Santos Galbe"

This is the Santos Galve, a Santos model that has been curved to fit comfortably on the wrist.

Galve means "curved" in French.

The Santos Dumont and Santos Galbe are very similar, but the biggest difference is the straps; the Galbe comes with a stainless steel strap by default, while the Dumont comes with a leather strap.

The thickness of the bezel is also different, with the Dumont being thinner and sharper.

Regarding these three Santos, the Santos is also present in the current line, but the top two are slight modifications of the Santos-Dumont, and the Santos Galbe has now evolved into the Santos de Cartier.

Santos-Dumont of the current line

The photo above shows the current Santos-Dumont line, and the style has changed quite a bit.

However, this current model is a nearly exact reproduction of the first men's watch that Cartier made, and is closest to the original Santos.

For more details about Santos, please see this video:

Now let's move on to the next step.

Cartier "Asymmetric" watch

This is the "Asymmetric" model.

As the name suggests, it has an asymmetrical design, and it was shaped like this so that it is in the position that is easiest for the driver to see when holding the steering wheel.

Of course, nowadays, the essence of this model is the beauty of its design rather than its functionality.

Cartier's Tank a Guichet watch
This model is called "Tank a Guiche".
Although it doesn't have a typical watch-like design, this model was popular in the 1930s and 1940s, and it gave it a digital feel.
Although it may seem far removed from the digital world to us today, it was a groundbreaking design at the time and was purchased primarily by the wealthy.
By the way, this design was not exclusive to Cartier; several other Swiss brands at the time also produced the same style.
Cartier's watch "Folle"
This watch is the "Fol" model.
It is a derivative of the Crash explained earlier, and is a more modern remake of the Crash.
Cartier watch "Saint-Europe"
This is the model called "Sainteur".
The word "Santeur" comes from the French word for "belt" and was named as such because the shape of the case resembles the fastening part of a belt.
The main feature of this model is that the crown is inside the case, giving it a unique Cartier design that is not found in other brands.
Also, the octagonal case makes it even more beautiful.
If you want to know more about Santur, please watch this video:

Now, this is the last model I'd like to introduce to you.

Cartier's "Cloche" watch

This one is called "Cloche" and is designed based on a bell.

This is the style seen from the side, and when you think about it, it does look like a bell.

After these booths are over there is something like a small Apple store where you can actually get close to the watches and try them on. Cartier watches had always been far removed from me both emotionally and physically, but now that I'm this close and can imagine them on my wrist, I really do want one.
There were more female visitors to this Cartier event, but I think that both men and women who like beautiful watches would enjoy it.

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