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Article: What are the differences between Cartier's Tank Louis, Must Tank, and Tank Mast that women should take note of?

What are the differences between Cartier's Tank Louis, Must Tank, and Tank Mast that women should take note of?

In the video Click here to see the difference between "Tank Rui", "Mast Tank" and "Tank Mast" ↓

This video is aimed at busy women and explains the differences between "Tank Rui", "Mast Tank" and "Tank Mast".

Therefore, I will explain only the most important parts quickly, so even those who are short on time will be able to easily deepen their understanding, so please stick with me until the end.

What is the difference between the Tank Louis Cartier and the Must Tank?

First, please see this image↓

Cartier watches: Models wearing them: Tank Louis Cartier and Must Tank

At first glance, you might not be able to tell, but the one on the left is the ``Tank Louis (top-of-the-line model)'' and the one on the right is the ``Mast Tank (popular model).''

The Mast Tank was born in the 1970s, and the Mast series is Tank Louis' popular model.

To begin with, the most luxurious Cartier watch is the Tank Louis Cartier, and there are two main reasons why it is the highest quality.

The case is made of 18K gold

・The cabochon on the crown is made of natural stone.

It will be.

Until then, Cartier only had products made from 18K material and did not have any cheaper materials (inexpensive lines).

So we decided to reconsider the materials we used and make a more affordable model! This led to the creation of the Mast Tank, which is made of pure silver and plated with 18K gold.

The purpose of this model was to create a cheaper line so that more people could buy it.

For this reason, when viewed from a distance like this, it is almost impossible to tell which is which.

A close-up of the differences between the Tank Louis Cartier and the Must Tank

However, if you look closely, you can see that the dial on the mast tank has the word "must de" written on it, so you can tell that it is a mast tank.

Regarding the crown I mentioned earlier, most people, including myself, cannot tell whether it is an artificial stone or a natural stone.

From this, what we can tell from the surface is whether or not the word "must" is present.

So does this method work for other models? Not necessarily.

The problem is that the current line of tank masts does not have the word "must" on them.

From here, I will explain how to easily distinguish between the Tank Louis Cartier and the Tank Must.

What is the difference between the Tank Louis Cartier and the Tank Mast?

First, looking at the lineup currently on sale, there is a model called "Tank Mast."

Cartier Tank Mast product page

This model is called the Tank Mast, and looking back through history its ancestor is the "Mast Tank" mentioned earlier.

The mast tank was born in the 1970s, and evolved into the tank solo and then into the tank mast we know today.

The evolution of Cartier's must-have watches If you want to know more about the evolution of the Mast series, please watch this video:

So, the final evolution of the current Mast series will be the Tank Mast, but if you compare the Tank Rui and Tank Mast from the current line, they look very similar, don't they?

Cartier Watches: Differences between Tank Louis Cartier and Tank Must

But it's easy to tell the difference between the two models.

That's because there is nothing gold-based on the tank mast.

The styles are very similar, but while the Tank Louis is made from 18K gold, the Tank Mast is only available in stainless steel.

You can easily tell by looking at it.

To summarise what we have discussed so far,

Does Tank Louis and Must Tank have the word "must" in them?

Are the tank lugs and tank masts made of 18K or stainless steel?

Just by looking at each one, you can tell what model it is.

So which model should you choose?

So looking at these three models, which one is best?

It becomes like this💦

From here, we will explain the concept of each model.

First of all, I think women choose watches and accessories based on intuition and the atmosphere they look in, so I think the best thing to do is to choose something you like.

With that in mind, first of all, these three models are almost identical in appearance, so how do others perceive them?

If that is your primary goal, I don't think you need to choose Tank Rui.

A photo of a woman wearing a Cartier Must Tank

It's rare for ordinary people to know these differences.

Also, if you are thinking of purchasing a Cartier tank-shaped watch for the first time, it may be a good idea to try out a cheaper model rather than the Tank Louis before considering your next purchase.

The market price is rising day by day, and as of February 2024, the Mast Tank SM is priced at around 300,000 yen, while a new current Tank Mast costs 505,000 yen.

So, when should you choose Tanklui?

Tank Louis Cartier - Model wearing photo

This is because I've been promoted quite a bit within the company. My juniors have started wearing nice watches, so I think I should get something a little higher-class.

So I think it's a good idea to get something a step above the rest when it comes to milestone occasions or as a reward to yourself.

I think so.

Without that, it's an expensive watch and you probably wouldn't feel like buying it.

You are probably the only one who can tell that it is made of 18K gold.

However, only you can experience the power of the ingredients and know that they are of the highest quality, and it gives you vitality, energy, and the motivation to work hard again after your break in your daily life!

I think that Tanklui has a big element of making people feel excited about it.

If you want to know more about Tanklui, please watch this video for a detailed explanation.


Basically, if a woman wears a Cartier watch, even when she is wearing casual clothing, she will look sophisticated and stylish.

Beyond that, I think the best way to shop is to understand the various models and their features so that you can choose the model that's right for you.

I assume that those of you who have read this far are either very studious people or have become my fans, so I am thinking of getting my hands on this model.

Or, I have this model!

I would be very happy if you could leave a comment like this 😊

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