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Article: What kind of brand is the jewellery brand "Boucheron"?

What kind of brand is the jewellery brand "Boucheron"?

What kind of brand is Boucheron?

When Frédéric Boucheron opened his first workshop in Paris in 1858, he was a jeweller, but he also enjoyed creating elaborate watches.

Some of these watches were worn as pendants or necklaces, while others were worn around the wrist, as bracelets.

These creations were decorated with gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and porcelain, emphasizing beauty over practicality.

Boucheron also turns its attention to watches

It was therefore only natural that Boucheron, who also made bracelets, would become interested in watches; it was an area worth exploring.

Boucheron's early creations continue to amaze and delight people today.

Contemporaries appreciated Boucheron's ability to avoid the mundane.

In 1893, he opened his still famous boutique on France's Place Vendôme, giving watches equal status to jewellery in his main show window.

His designs from this period, featuring wavy ornamentation, leaves and floral motifs, are said to have helped define the early Art Nouveau movement.

Boucheron's skilled metalworkers and designers also began making platinum watches that were much lighter and more wearable than those made by other jewelers.

After Frédéric Boucheron's death, his son Louis took over the family business and led the company into the next important period of design: Art Deco. Natural motifs were replaced by more geometric designs and bold colors. Louis Boucheron made major contributions to the field of Art Deco by perfecting the latest stone-cutting techniques and popularizing the use of lapis lazuli, onyx and turquoise.

Watches were a particularly good canvas for experimenting with the Art Deco style, due to the geometric designs of their dials. Their cases, with their square dials and rounded corners, were made of jade, lapis lazuli, onyx, wood with leather straps or decorated with cloisonné. In all these designs, the watches were often adorned with diamonds and made of the finest gold. But even at the height of his innovative powers, Louis Boucheron paid homage to his father. At the 1925 Art Deco exhibition, Boucheron's booth featured a watch in the shape of a perfume bottle adorned with a wreath, evoking the spirit of Frédéric Boucheron.

Currently, Boucheron offers two basic watch lines: round and rectangular. Both feature curved grooves called "gadroons" that Boucheron explains "flow along the curves of the female body." The brand also offers a collection of square watches based on a watch made in 1952. Boucheron has been asked to reissue many historical models from its extensive archives. While some of these requests have been granted, Alain Boucheron believes the company must maintain a balance between history and the future.

Alain Boucheron said that Boucheron plans to launch a third watch line and is now focused on selling all its products. In the next three years, Boucheron wants to significantly expand its international sales, especially in the United States. And above all, it is on a mission to educate the world about the Boucheron family and its traditions.

Under his careful direction, Boucheron watch collections will continue to express the elegance and high style that his great-grandfather began, and Boucheron watches will continue to uphold the passion to create products that perfectly beautify women.

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