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Article: Contact us about the watches we handle

Contact us about the watches we handle

We become indebted to.

This is Seno from Belle Montre 😊

Here, I would like to talk about our vision for watches.

First of all, our company mainly deals with Cartier, and we believe that our Cartier watches are more expensive than those sold by other companies.

What customers are wondering is, why is it so expensive?

I think that's the part.

Let me start by talking about this.

The values ​​we value about our watches

We have a clearly defined customer base.

In these days when there is an abundance of goods, it is virtually impossible to create a store that is loved by everyone, regardless of age or gender, and from our past management experience we know that if we run our store in an ambiguous manner, no one will pay any attention to us.

And we understand that cheap prices are not the only thing that attracts customers.

For this reason, what we can offer our customers is "high quality but expensive watches."

We place more importance on quality than on cheapness.

About the customers we would like to work with

As mentioned above, we place more importance on quality than cheapness, so our prices are inevitably higher.

And what kind of customers would we like to have purchase our products?

You will become a "gentleman madam who will be treated with care."

I have sold many antique items to my customers so far, but what they all have in common is that they care not about the price of the item, but about who is selling it and whether they can make a transaction with confidence.

For example, if you are looking for a bargain, you can get the same watch for an overwhelmingly cheaper price by purchasing it on Mercari or Yahoo! Auctions.

But is the product really safe?

First of all, the product was fake.

It worked then, but after a little use it stopped working.

After-sales support is not sufficient.

And many other problems.

The sense of security required for products

As such, the more you pursue cheapness, the more hassle you end up having to deal with later.

We refer to those who want to purchase products from a place where they can do so without any worries and with peace of mind as "gentlemen and madams."

At our company

What kind of repairs were made to each product?

We make sure to include the following information.

Vintage watches are especially popular these days, but they come with a lot of hidden issues.

① Re-coating of products

For example, one of the major issues is the coating that occurs during gold plating.

Even if a watch looks beautiful at first glance, the base material may be exposed or the plating may be so thin that the base material becomes visible after just a little use.

Please see the image below↓

Cartier watch: A sample of a repainted case

* Cartier watch: A sample of a repainted case

The color of the crown (the screw that adjusts the time) should be normal, but please take a closer look at the case.

The entire case is a silver color, and if you look closely at the corners you can see the bare silver.

This pattern was created after the item was first polished to remove scratches, and then a very thin layer of plating was applied, allowing the base metal to become visible shortly after use.

When this watch was listed on Yahoo! Auctions or similar sites, it was probably the same gold color as the crown at first glance.

This is because even though it is extremely thin, it is still plated with 18K gold.

However, from the surface, where the gold has been thinned in areas due to the plating being too thin and where the silver base is visible in areas, it was impossible to tell that it was an incomplete watch.

Let's take a look at a watch that has a solid plating.

How gold plating peels off from a Cartier watch even though it is still firmly attached

Basically, if the plating is applied thickly, the base part and the plating part will peel off, leaving a gap like this.

This is normal and is a thick layer of plating.

The second is the movement.

Simply put, a movement is the mechanical part that makes a watch run. If it is mechanical, it can be overhauled and will function properly, but this is not the case for circuits such as quartz.

Old quartz watches were manufactured more than 40 years ago, so they are prone to malfunctions and are difficult to use for a long time.

I think many people think of quartz watches as "watches," and I actually think that's correct.

However, quartz watches are powered by electronic devices and can be considered half "home appliances."

Cartier Quartz Movement Cal.157

For example, I have been using the same air conditioner, television, and washing machine for over 30 years.

I don't think there are many people who think like that.

This is because the general perception is that home appliances are consumables.

However, quartz watches are not widely known, and are often thought of as something that can be used forever.

Of course, if that part is not exposed, the clock will still keep the correct time.

However, if a vintage watch is not properly repaired, it is like carrying a bomb that could go off at any time.

And when that bomb happens to explode at your place, unless you go to a place that offers good after-sales support, you'll end up having to put up with it, knowing that you just bought a watch at a high price.

We don't want our customers to have that kind of sadness at all.

We believe that our mission is to remove all of these things, give them a new lease of life, and hand them over to our customers.

As a result, the price of the watches becomes higher, but we believe that it is sufficient if we only deal with customers who can understand this.

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