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Article: My thoughts on men wearing small watches?

My thoughts on men wearing small watches?

To watch the video "My thoughts on men wearing small watches," click here.

In today's article, I have summarized my thoughts on why men should wear small watches, so I recommend that you watch the video or listen mainly to the audio, like you would listen to a radio.

So let's get started right away.

Talking to customers who come into the store

I usually live in Tsuzuki Ward, Kanagawa Prefecture, and I open a room in my house as a gallery, and most of the visitors are men, especially young men.

That's because it's in a remote area and if you search for it on Google Maps, all you'll see are regular apartments, so I don't think you'd want to go there.

Also, even though it's called a shop, it's just a cabinet in a room with clocks lined up in it.

So, first of all, I don't think women can come alone, and when they do come, they are usually accompanied by their husbands.

When I talk to these kind customers who come to places like this, the general flow is


"Why did you come to this store?"


"I wasn't looking for a big watch, I was looking for a small one, and this shop came up when I was searching online. My wrists aren't that big, so if I wear a big watch, it looks weird."

That's the story.

And me too

"I see, even the small sizes of watches these days are still big."

I reply.

What we can see from this conversation so far is, obviously, that not everyone, men or women, wants a huge watch.

Of course, I think that's fine for people who like big watches, and I actually think big watches are cool.

Wristwatches are a matter of self-satisfaction, so I believe that wearing a watch you like every day will improve your QOL (quality of life).

The only problem is that I end up buying a watch based on the mood of the moment.

Everyone says Rolex and Omega are good, so I choose those brands.

Everyone says the black dial is good, so I'll choose the black dial.

Everyone else is wearing big watches, so I choose a big watch too.

It's something like that.

With this method of selection, you may be satisfied with the product for about three months after purchase, but after a while you may start to wonder, "Why did I buy this?"

It becomes like that.

I get the impression that people who have had experiences like this and are aware that the rings are too big compared to the thickness of their wrists are the ones who come to our store.

Is it weird to wear a small watch?

Generally speaking, the base size of modern watches for men is 40mm and for women it is around 34mm.

Based on this, if we assume that the range for each gender is plus or minus 3mm, then for men it is 37 to 43mm and for women it is 31 to 36mm.

Continuing with the male theme, in this case even a 37mm watch would be quite small.

It will look something like this.

But when you go to 36, 35, or 34mm, it feels even smaller.

So is that weird or a bad thing?

Well, that's not the case.

Especially since I'm looking to buy such a small watch...

I want those of you who are thinking this to pay close attention and listen, the most important thing is that you are not wearing a watch.

This is a subjective expression, but it feels like the watch and the person themselves don't match.

I think you can kind of understand it.

These large watches are the standard these days and are currently all the rage.

Otherwise, pocket watches were originally large, so why haven't they remained that size to this day?

That's what it comes down to.

The reason we chose a small watch for the period was because it was the most functional and looked cool when worn on the wrist.

I think so.

Well, it's cool, which is the same as the current trend.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, wristwatches that were in fashion were roughly 10mm smaller than they are today.

In fact, there are quite a few giant models that were created in the 1970s.

IWC Ingenieur and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

However, those were huge sizes for the time, so they didn't sell at all.

For more information on IWC's unsold models and the Ingenieur, please see this video.

So, saying that small watches are cool or large watches are cool is just a matter of attitude, and is not the correct answer.

Because everyone thinks that way, the world has created that kind of atmosphere.

The Nikkei average has hit its highest level since the bubble burst, and even though salaries haven't actually increased, I feel like Japan's future looks bright.

My salary hasn't increased, but I still feel a little elated.

This is also that atmosphere.

So, if there is another boom in small watches, then people who wear large watches will probably start thinking, "Is it okay for me to wear such a big watch?"

What about this for people who feel guilty about wearing a small watch?

If you are still unsure, you should have more confidence in yourself because you are making a choice with integrity and not being swayed by trends.

My wrist size is about this size, so I want to choose a watch that is about this size!

I think men who can say things like that are really wonderful, and I get the impression that such men tend to be stylish and kind.

How to choose a watch?

When choosing a watch, you need to keep in mind that you should understand how you will use it before purchasing it.

What I mean is, to begin with, watches are considered cool for men! That's what should have come to mind.

Women tend to think more holistically, so they consider things like, will this item match my bag? Can I wear it to a get-together with my mommy friends? Can I use it for graduation ceremonies, school entrance ceremonies, and other occasions? I think they can look at things more comprehensively than men.

So, going back to the question for men, when you buy a cool watch, where will you use it?

When you can't imagine this, blurring occurs.

(The blur is a small regret.)

Once I get into it thinking it's cool, I don't really think about what comes next, so I tend to think that it can be used in all situations.

However, I believe that my level of satisfaction with a watch depends on the occasion, my usual clothing (fashion), and whether it is for personal or work use.

If you choose a watch based on whether it looks cool and you can wear it all the time, both at work and in your private life, then there's no problem, but as you go along you start to wonder whether the watch is appropriate for that situation.

That's the feeling that comes from it.

At the time, I bought it because it was a cool watch, but it was hard to use.

That's what happens.

So, there's nothing wrong with buying a watch just because it looks cool, but I think that if you also consider how you'll use it when choosing a watch, it will become a watch that suits you better.


Finally, to summarise, I would like to add that I think large watches are cool, and I think people who wear large watches look rugged, masculine and cool.

In fact, these reasons must be one of the reasons why large watches are currently booming and have become the standard.

In this video, I wanted to say that if others are doing it, then I should do it too...

If you buy a watch based on this trend, you will end up regretting it later.

It's inevitable to be swept up in the atmosphere and the air, and wristwatches are very cool after all.

However, looking one step further, we believe that by choosing a watch that suits you, the time you spend with that watch and your QOL (quality of life) will be improved.

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