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Article: Breaking News: SEIKO's New Watches for 2024 - WATCHES & WONDERS 2024 -

Breaking News: SEIKO's New Watches for 2024 - WATCHES & WONDERS 2024 -

Now, SEIKO's new products have been unveiled at Watches Wonder 2024, so we would like to introduce them to you.

Many watches with modern sizes have been released, but we will pick out and introduce only dress watches and models that can be worn by people with smaller wrists.

I will touch on the design, which is comparable to that of Europe, and the amazing technological capabilities of Japan as a manufacturing powerhouse, in an easy-to-understand manner, so I think even those who don't have a deep knowledge of watches will enjoy it, so please stay with me until the end.

Reproduction of the first Grand Seiko

This model is a faithful reproduction of the design of the original Grand Seiko, so let's compare it with the original Grand Seiko.

Differences between the original Grand Seiko and the Grand Seiko reissue

The one on the left is the original and the one on the right is the reproduction model, both of which are faithful reproductions.

The only difference is the material, everything else seems to be the same.

The original color scheme is reminiscent of the time, while the reproduction model has a more modern feel.

Audemars Piguet's Manual Watches with Navy Dials

I've seen navy dials on Audemars Piguet manual-wound models, and I think the appeal of this color is how it shines beautifully with different shades of light and shade depending on how it shines.

This time, it has been combined with pink gold, so I'm curious to see what kind of impression it will give.

Let's read the official announcement regarding this reissue model.

The theme is "Starry Night."

The pink gold case and navy dial express a beautiful starry sky that makes you think of the starlight that reaches you after an eternity of time.

In addition, the 18K gold used for the index gives off a beautiful shine like the stars twinkling in the night sky.

The crocodile strap, which matches well with the elegant dial, is available in a modern navy color as well as a brown color that creates a classic impression as a set band.

It says:

The navy blue of the dial represents night, and the pink gold indexes represent the moon and stars.

It gives off a classical impression, and as the theme suggests, the video exudes a calm and mysterious atmosphere.

It seems like Japan is inferior to Europe in terms of design, but when it comes to incorporating designs with a Japanese flair like this, I think it really shows its strengths.

It's a very Japanese and wonderful design.

The case size is 38mm, which is not small, but is still on the small side by modern standards.

The price is 3,575,000 yen and it will be released in June with a worldwide limited edition of 50 units (30 of which will be in Japan), so it will probably only be available to those who are running the SEIKO marathon.

Evolution 9 Collection

The second one is the Evolution 9 collection.

First up is SLGW002.

Pink gold case with a silver dial.

This model has a distinctive dial design, and if you are a watch lover you have probably heard of or seen the "Birch" model before.

Birch Tree

In Japan, it is commonly seen in Shinshu and Hokkaido, and is designated as the city tree in cities such as Otaru, near Sapporo.

It is also called the "white prince of the plateau" because its pure white trunk gives the plateau a bright and refreshing impression.

The fresh green leaves of this tree in spring and the autumn leaves in fall are beautiful, and because of their appearance they are often planted in residential areas and parks.

Although it is a Japanese tree, it grows naturally in colder climates, so not many people may have seen it.

It doesn't bloom, but the tree itself is beautiful.

I think this plant matches the artistic values ​​of Japanese people, such as modesty and modesty.

This is what is used on the dial of this model, and while the previous model had a vertical birch pattern, this model has a horizontal pattern.


This is probably a matter of personal preference, but when you look at the overall look of the watch, I feel like the horizontal orientation suits it better.

The dial is silver, but depending on how the light hits it, it creates shadows that are very beautiful.

There is also the SLGW003 which uses titanium, but I feel that the pink gold version is more beautiful as it allows the outline of the birch wood to be seen more clearly.

As for the titanium watch, in terms of the overall impression, the birch color blends in with the silver of the case, so I feel like it doesn't fully convey the image of birch.

However, the titanium version has a blued steel second hand, and the blue accents on the overall silver color scheme make it look very stylish.

Additionally, the use of titanium as the material gives it a different, more special feel than stainless steel, and the price of 1,452,000 yen (tax included) is quite affordable compared to the pink gold version's 6,050,000 yen (tax included), which is very appealing.

The case size is 38.6mm, which is rather large for a dress watch, but this is probably unavoidable as it is the trend of the times.

These will be released in August.

These models also have skeletonized backs, so let's take a look at the movements as well.

First of all, this movement is the first redesigned hand-wound movement in 50 years.

The movement used is Cal.9SA4.

I'll just read the official announcement as it is.

In order to reduce the burden of winding, the hand-wound gear train has been redesigned, making it possible to achieve the same winding effect while reducing the number of winding turns by approximately 15% compared to the base caliber 9SA5.

In addition, a power reserve indicator has been added to the back of the watch, allowing you to see how much time is left.

It has been described as.

My impression after looking at the actual specs is that the power reserve is impressive at 80 hours.

The power reserve is the amount of time the watch will run when the crown is fully wound.

So if you wear it for one day, it will keep working for three days.

What's great about this is that the remaining power gauge is displayed here on the movement, so you can see it with your own eyes how much power is left, which I think makes it very easy to use.

Now for the fourth one.

Also from the Evolution 9 collection is Ref. SLGH021.

The dial color is light green, which is rare for a men's watch, and just like the light blue, it gives off a refreshing impression.

All Evolution 9 models feature embossed dials.

Most of the decorations are birch-like, wavy, but this light green one has a mosaic pattern, which gives you a different feel for the charm of Grand Seiko.

Regarding the dial, I will tell you exactly what has been officially announced.

The Iwai River, which originates from Mount Kurikoma in Iwate Prefecture, has eroded huge rocks, creating the beautiful Genbikei Gorge, which stretches for two kilometers and features many different faces, including holes, waterfalls, and deep abysses .

This majestic landscape, famous as one of Japan's scenic spots, is expressed on the dial with an embossed pattern and light green coloring.

This dial has a vivid and refreshing feel, with its appearance changing multiple times depending on the angle of the light.

It is explained as follows:


I actually found a photo of it being worn on the wrist, but it was taken with a white long-sleeved Y-shirt, so I recommend wearing it with a refreshing look like this!

I wonder what kind of watch it is.

As for the dial, it is beautiful.

The dial has a mosaic pattern, so the way it shines changes depending on the light and shadows, and the gradation changes from light green in bright places to deep green in dark places, which is another attractive feature.

Since the dial is a different color from the case, I think this contrast really brings out the beauty of Grand Seiko dials.

The case size is now even larger at 40mm.

The movement is the automatic Cal. 9SA5, and the case material is Everbrilliant Steel.

The difference between this and regular stainless steel is that it is classified as the highest quality stainless steel and has improved corrosion resistance compared to regular stainless steel.

Limited to 1,000 units worldwide (430 in Japan), priced at 1,386,000 yen (tax included), and will be released in June.

Last but not least, we have the Kodo Constant Force Tourbillon Ref. SLGT005.

It's called the Masterpiece Collection, and it's a model that feels like a culmination of the brand's technology.

This watch is a mechanical completion watch that represents the twilight, pushing the limits of mechanical possibilities.

So let's read the official announcement as it is.

In 2022, Grand Seiko created the brand's first complicated mechanical watch.

The watch was named "Kodo," which means "heartbeat," after the tone and expression produced by its ingenious mechanism. It not only opened up new territory for Grand Seiko, but also won the Chronometry Award at the Grand Prix de Genève that year, an award given to watches with exceptional precision, writing a new page in the history of watches.

The caliber 9ST1 used in this model is the world's first to combine two complex mechanisms, a constant-force mechanism and a tourbillon, on the same axis. This allows the two mechanisms, consisting of over 100 parts, to function efficiently, producing a new dimension of stable high precision.

The tourbillon is a complex mechanism that eliminates misalignment caused by differences in posture, but I'd like to talk about one more thing: the constant force.

Constant force is a mechanism that transmits the energy of the mainspring wound by the crown evenly from start to finish.

When the spring is wound up, it can properly transmit power to the gears, but before the spring is completely unwound, the power is transmitted in a weakened state, which leads to misalignment.

A mechanism that eliminates this and gives the same power from start to finish is called constant force.

That alone is amazing, but the real technical marvel is that it is designed on the same axis as the tourbillon.

Now let's look at the case.

The case is made of the brilliant hard titanium and platinum mentioned earlier.

If you take a close look at the lug part, you can see that there is a gap in the lug area and you can see the seam between the two parts at the tip of the lug.

This is the official announcement.

The case is made of platinum 950 and Grand Seiko's proprietary brilliant hard titanium.

For both materials, the cases are finished with a Zaratsu polishing finish to a mirror finish or a hairline finish, creating a beautiful harmony from any angle.

The blend of the two materials is most noticeable at the tapered lug tips, where a gap in the center of the lug adds a lightness and uniqueness to the overall design.

It has been described as.

The movement is impressive, but the fact that it is made using two different materials and then curved into the shape of a wristwatch really shows just how impressive Japan's manufacturing technology is.

This model is limited to 20 pieces worldwide (7 of which are in Japan), priced at 49,500,000 yen (tax included), and will go on sale in December.

Well, for ordinary people like us, we would buy a house first if that were the case.

That's what I'm saying. Lol

So, I have explained the latest Grand Seiko models, but overall, the watches are simple three-hand designs and the brand gives off a calm impression.

However, within that simplicity, the highly decorative dial and highly technical movement showcase Japanese beauty and the strength of craftsmanship.

The watch incorporates the "beauty" that is originally Japanese, which makes the watch itself beautiful, and because it has been arranged in a modern way, it also gives off a sophisticated image.

Swiss, French, and German brands dominate the watch market, but with this Watches & Wonders announcement, it can be said that Seiko has certainly been able to convey the greatness of Japanese watches.

As a Japanese person, I am very happy that the greatness of SEIKO is being conveyed to the world.

We will continue to explain the appeal of SEIKO watches.

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