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Article: Our Watches' stance on transgender people

Our Watches' stance on transgender people


This is Seno from Belle Montre.

Here, we will talk about our thoughts on transgender watches, as well as how to think about them and choose them.

Our transgender perspective

First of all, I would like to say in advance that I don't think it's strange to see women dressed in a masculine style or men dressed in a feminine style, and I think it's a normal sight.

The reason is that when I go to France or the UK to purchase Western antiques, I see that each person there lives their own lifestyle, regardless of gender.

When riding the Eurostar or renting a car, there is a great deal of freedom, regardless of whether you are black or white, your gender, clothing or hair color.

The video from that time is summarized here, so if you are interested, please take a look ↓

First of all, I believe that understanding genderlessness is normal and not something special, and conversely, it is impossible for everyone to think the same.

In Japan in particular, all office workers wear suits and spend their weekdays dressing the same way, and I'm sure you've all experienced the silent pressure you feel if you deviate from that style - it's a well-known fact.

This is the common understanding around the world and how it should be!

If this way of thinking were the default, I wouldn't question it, but whenever I travel abroad like this, I still feel the strange atmosphere that is unique to Japan.

Thoughts about watches

I have a woman's body, but my heart is that of a man.

The opposite.

Those who do not belong to either of these categories.

I'm sure there are many people out there who have these kinds of thoughts, but the most important thing when choosing a watch is to choose one that you like.

・How will people see you?

・Everyone around me is doing this, so I should follow suit.

・ Something safe

I think many people feel this way, but I can say with certainty that it's not that important to live your life worrying about what other people think.

If you are responsible for someone else's life, you may have to care about what others think of you.

But it goes without saying that you are the one who runs your own life.

So you have to make the choice yourself.

For example, many of the customers we have worked with purchase a Cartier watch called Must de Tank.

However, SM sizes are generally women's sizes, and Cartier explains this on their official website, but it is not only women who purchase these watches.

Men also purchase S and M sizes.

As a man, I have to wear a big watch.

Because I'm a woman, I have to wear a small watch.

These rules are just a feeling, but do you feel excited when you get it? Does it suit you? (subjective) Does it improve your daily life?

is important.

Some men have thin arms and some women have thick arms.

There are men who like feminine designs, and there are women who like rugged, masculine watches.

Why Cartier watches are recommended

Cartier Tank American size list This is a model called the "Tank Américaine" from Cartier, and as you can see in the image above, it is available for both men and women.

Although not all models are the same, Cartier watches are generally classified into SM, MM, and LM sizes, with SM being ladies', MM being unisex, and LM being men's.

Although it is the same model, we believe that by offering such a wide range of sizes, you will be able to find a watch that fits your wrist.


To sum up, in my opinion, if you live in Japan, it is inevitable that you will feel confused when you are the only one trying to do something different.

However, this would not have been accepted if it had been the Showa era, but now it is the Reiwa era.

This period also includes the Heisei era, during which Japan fell quite behind global values.

Although Japan is becoming a society where women have more opportunities to play an active role than in the past, it is still far behind the rest of the world.

It's not your fault, but the problem lies with the country, which has not made an effort to accept diversity.

A watch is not just a tool for telling time, but is classified as a fashion item that expresses one's tastes and preferences.

It would be a waste to choose fashion based on what others think rather than your own standards.

We hope you find a watch that suits you and that will make your days more enjoyable with it.

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