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Article: For stylish ladies! 10 recommended popular Cartier watch models

For stylish ladies! 10 recommended popular Cartier watch models

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Cartier watches: Popular among women

It is said that Rolex is for men and Cartier is for women, and it is a brand that is extremely popular among women, and I think this is due to the fact that the company Cartier is a jewelry brand.

Therefore, Cartier watches go well with accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and many people have their entire collection from Cartier.

Let me preface this by saying that I want a Cartier watch from now on!

This article is aimed at people who think the same way, so we have carefully selected models that are either current products or easily available even if they are discontinued.

Each one is unique and has a wonderful design.

There are many different models available, so we hope you will read through the article and find your favorite.

Well, let's get started right away.

Recommended by the coveted brand Cartier: Tank American (TANK AMERICAN)

Cartier Watches for Women Recommended Model American (TANK AMERICAN)

The first one I would like to introduce is the Tank American.

Half of Cartier's watches are rectangular, so this shape gives off a neat and tidy impression.

How the Tank Louis Cartier relates to other models

This model is derived from the Tank Louis Cartier, and its distinctive feature is its vertically long case, which takes advantage of its length and is designed to form an arch, making it fit comfortably on the wrist.

This model was released in 1989 and was previously only available in gold, but in 2017 stainless steel was also introduced, making it a more affordable model.

From a woman's perspective, there is a size called mini that is smaller than the SM size, so if you like smaller watches, I think American watches would be a good choice.

The cheapest price is 500,000 yen for the mini size stainless steel model.

For more information on American, please click here.

Tank American product page can be found here

Recommended brand Cartier No. 9: Santos-Dumont

Cartier's recommended ladies' watch model: Santos-Dumont

The Santos-Dumont has a distinctive square shape.

The same Santos watch is available as the Santos de Cartier, but even the smaller size is 35mm, so many women may find it a little large.

The Santos line includes the following: There is the Santos-Dumont, which is one size smaller than the Santos de Cartier , with a case diameter of 27.5mm, so it should be comfortable for women as well.

The dial is satin-finished, and the case and bezel are mirror-finished,

The watch has a shiny, formal feel.

Even women who like boyish watches should be able to wear this stylishly.

The lowest price is 566,000 yen for the SM size stainless steel model.

Among the older models were the Santos de Cartier, which were designed exclusively for ladies, so looking at older models as well will give you a wider range of choices.

For more information on Santos, click here.

Click here for the Cartier Santos product page

Recommended brand Cartier No. 8: Pasha (Pasha De Cartier)

Cartier's recommended ladies' watch model: Pasha

The casual watch is called "Pasha".

With the launch of new products and the unification of the lineup in 2020, the smallest women's size is now 30mm.

In terms of modern sizes, 30mm is the standard size for ladies' watches, but many Japanese women have thin wrists, so I think many of them would prefer a smaller size.

The model we recommend for such occasions is the Miss Pasha, with a case diameter of 27mm.

Cartier watch: Comparison of size between Miss Pasha and current Pasha line

Although it is no longer in production, it was produced until relatively recently, so you can still find it if you look hard enough.

It has a round waterproof case and is a sports watch, making it an ideal model for casual occasions.

The lowest price currently available is the stainless steel model in SM size (30mm), which is 770,000 yen.

The discontinued Miss Pasha model costs around 250,000 to 350,000 yen.

For more information on Pasha, click here

Cartier Pasha product page

Recommended brand Cartier #7: Tank Louis Cartier

Cartier Watches for Women Recommended Model Tank Louis Cartier

The Tank Louis Cartier is loved by celebrities and is attractive for its timeless design.

This is Cartier's top-of-the-line watch and is made entirely from premium materials.

Therefore, there are no cases made of stainless steel.

Among Cartier's watches, this model has been around for over 100 years, and its simple, timeless design is not affected by trends and has been accepted by people of all ages.

Therefore, it is not a price that most people can easily afford, and even the cheapest model is expensive compared to other models.

On the other hand, if you wear a Tank Louis Cartier, you will most likely not see anyone else wearing the same watch, and the intrinsic power of the watch will give you a great deal of confidence.

Its elegance and luxury are backed by a long history, and it is true that it has been loved by many actors.

I think it would be a good choice for people who want to feel the charm of the material, those who have become managers, or those who see their juniors wearing better watches than them.

The cheapest price for the yellow gold model in size SM is 1.5 million yen.

Tank Louis Cartier product page

Recommended brand Cartier ⑥ Baignoire

Cartier's Ladies' Watches: Recommended Model Baignoire

This is "Baignoire", which has a distinctive long round shape.

Baignoire means "bathtub" in French, and like the American model, this model has a curved case that fits comfortably on the wrist.

The lineup only includes ladies' watches, and these are models exclusively for women.

Like the Tank Louis Cartier, this one is not available in stainless steel and is made entirely of 18K gold.

As it is a model exclusively for ladies, the colors and designs are lovely, and the high-end lines are adorned with diamonds, making for a very glamorous and beautiful design.

Because the Baignoire is classified as a luxury model, one might think that it is ideal for formal use, but that is not necessarily the case. Even if you are wearing a diamond model with a casual style, it will blend in seamlessly as an accent piece.

The least expensive model is the mini size in yellow gold, costing 1,120,000 yen.

For more information on Baignoire, please click here.

Click here for the Baignoire product page

Recommended Cartier brand #5: Ballon Bleu De Cartier

Cartier Watches for Women: Recommended Model Ballon Bleu

The "Ballon Bleu" model has a distinctive case shape.

Ballon Bleu means balloon in French, and as the name suggests, the blue crown looks like it is flying above the earth that is the dial.

It's a romantic design.

It is also famous for being worn by the global fashion leader, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and can be said to be a model that is popular with women worldwide.

The fact that the crown is inside the case gives it a unique Cartier feel, and the design features soft curves that accentuate its femininity.

The smallest size is 28mm, so it's nice that even women with thin arms can choose it.

The cheapest price is 740,000 yen for the stainless steel model in size SM.

For more information on Baron Bleu, please click here.

Click here for the Baron Blue product page.

Recommended by the coveted brand Cartier #4: Tank Must

Cartier Watches for Women: Recommended Model Tank Must

It can be said that the Tank Must is the most affordable way to get your hands on the Cartier brand.

The Tank Mast is a model that uses new materials from the Tank Louis Cartier introduced earlier.

It is made of stainless steel and its shape is almost the same as the Tank Louis Cartier, so its greatest appeal is that you can get a Tank at a reasonable price.

The simplicity of the design makes the dial easy to read, and it is this simplicity that really accentuates its stylish look.

If you are thinking about buying a Cartier watch, this is definitely the model that is most Cartier-like and can be purchased as a trial.

The cheapest price is 430,000 yen for the SM size stainless steel model.

If you would like to see more details about the tank mast, please click here.

Recommendation from the coveted brand Cartier③ Les Must De Cartier Tank

Cartier's recommended ladies' watch model: Must Tank

This is the only discontinued model we are introducing.

"Mast Tank" has been a long-running hit for 50 years.

Many people may not know what the difference is between this and the "Tank Mast" mentioned earlier, but Mast Tank is the pre-evolution version of Tank Mast.

The Mast Tank, which was born in the late 1970s, evolved into the Tank Solo and then the Tank Mast, but as it approached modern times, its shape has gradually changed.

The evolution of Cartier watches: Mast Tank ⇨ Tank Solo ⇨ Tank Mast

So why are mast tanks still so popular, even though 50 years have passed? It has to do with their size.

As I mentioned briefly when talking about Pasha, the size of watches has increased as the era approaches modern times, and the base size of the watch has become larger.

However, the Mast Tank was designed in the 1970s, when watches were still small, so women today are looking for this model, which is small and retro, but still full of Cartier's charm.

It is no longer on sale, and the price on the second-hand market is around 200,000 to 600,000 yen.

The dials are popular and some models are rare, which is why some models are expensive.

If you would like to see more details about the Mast Tank, please click here.

Click here for the Must Do Tank product page

Recommended brand Cartier No. 2: Panthere De Cartier

Cartier's recommended ladies' watch model: Panther

The Panthere has a luxurious feel and is perfect as a watch for everyday use.

The entire case is rounded to express the suppleness of a leopard, giving it a soft, feminine impression.

This model comes in two models, from 1983 to 2008 and from 2017 to the present, and the main difference between them is the case finish.

The 1983 model had a satin-finished case that gave it a subdued shine, but the 2017 model is designed specifically as a ladies' watch, so the case has been changed to a mirror finish, making it shinier and more feminine.

This is what I think from a male perspective, but from a male perspective, both satin and mirror finish are good! However, I think that most women probably prefer the mirror finish.

The cheapest price is 500,000 yen for the mini size stainless steel model.

If you want to know more about Panther, click here.

Panthère de Cartier product page

Recommended Cartier brand #1: Tank Francaise

Cartier Watches for Women: Recommended Model Tank Francaise

The last one I would like to introduce is "Francaise".

Cartier is women's favorite watch brand, and among them, Francaise is the undisputed leader.

This model is characterised by a seamless, unified design that runs from the bracelet to the case.

The style is simple, as is typical of Cartier, but if you look closely you will see that the case, which appears rectangular, is actually square, and the sides of the case are cut at an angle to give the case a three-dimensional look, and it has been designed down to the smallest details.

The model was redesigned in March 2023, and its impression has changed.

Until now, the dial had been white with black Roman numerals, but the new model features three-dimensional silver indexes on a silver satin-finished dial, giving it a stronger sense of unity with the case.

The blued steel hands and the cabochon on the blued crown add accents to the sophisticated design.

Although it is simple, it has a high-class feel and can be worn in any situation.

This is a highly popular and highly recommended model that any woman should have.

The cheapest price is 530,000 yen for the SM size stainless steel model.

For more information about Française, please click here.

Click here for the Tank Française product page


We have introduced some recommended models of Cartier watches, which are an eternal dream, and they are all beautiful and lovely.

Nowadays, a watch is no longer a necessary item since you can check the time with your smartphone.

So why do we who live in modern times wear watches? Because they have become a part of fashion and a part of accessories.

And for women, Cartier watches confer a status that is different from other brands.

It's not that any brand will do, but I feel that wearing a Cartier watch gives me confidence and gives me the power to not be intimidated even in stressful situations.

I think that is the biggest appeal of the Cartier brand.

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