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Article: [Summary by budget] For women with good taste! 8 recommended Cartier watches [300,000 yen to 1.5 million yen]

[Summary by budget] For women with good taste! 8 recommended Cartier watches [300,000 yen to 1.5 million yen]


This is Seno from Belle Montre.

In today's video, we will be talking about 8 recommended Cartier watches for women with good taste, categorized by budget, ranging from 300,000 yen to 1.5 million yen.

Cartier watches especially make women look dazzling and give them an image of an elegant woman.

Even as a man, I think people who wear Cartier watches look beautiful.

Although Golden Week has already begun, Belle Montre is generally open, so if you're thinking about taking a look at some watches, feel free to come by with your husband.

So let's get started right away!

1. Tank Française

Among the Cartier models chosen by women, the Francaise is likely to compete for first and second place.

Last year in 2023, it underwent a full model change, which changed its impression considerably, but it can be said that it remains a model that continues to be loved by women.

Since the model has been changed, only the standard model or the 18K yellow gold model remain, and it feels like there are still few variations, so here we will mainly recommend the older model.

Cartier Tank Francaise - Various Dials

My favorites are the pink, light blue, and black dials, and the fact that such a wide variety of options are available is what makes the Française so appealing.

The watch is very cute, and from a man's perspective, I'm sure your girlfriend or wife would think it looked very cute wearing it.

I don't see him anymore, but before I moved, my internal medicine doctor used to wear a stainless steel model with a pink dial, and I thought it suited him very well, given his position as a doctor.

Cartier Tank Francaise Watches: Various Dial Types

The model with the pink and light blue dial has a shell dial made from natural seashell materials, so depending on how the light hits it, the same blue can change to a deep blue or a grayish blue, showing off a variety of different looks.

Although just the dial in a different color is cute enough, there are also combination models, which give an even cuter impression compared to models with just stainless steel.

As it originated as a jewelry brand, the Francaise looks particularly sophisticated among the Cartier women's products.

Prices vary depending on the dial color, but they range from 300,000 to 500,000 yen.

Now let's take a look at the next standard model.

2. Panther

The second is an introduction to the Panther.

When a woman is looking to buy a Cartier watch, the first choices that come to mind are probably the Francaise or the Panthere.

The watch has a square case with smooth curves, but the corners have been rounded off, giving the entire case a rounded feel that is perfect for a feminine, soft image, and is also attractive because it is easy to wear.

The bracelet itself is also soft and smooth when worn, so it puts less strain on the wrist, which is another reason why it is so popular with women.

Compared to the Française, there are fewer variations in the dials, but there is a wide variety of materials and sizes available.

This is a stylist named Kaneko Aya whom I sometimes see. She owns two Panthere watches: a mini yellow gold model and a stainless steel MM model.

It seems that she uses different ones for different occasions, wearing the yellow mini for parties and the stainless steel one when she wants to look cool and casual.

He says.

If you are a woman, I think you will understand what Kaneko is saying better than a man like me, so I would definitely recommend that you watch Kaneko's video.

The Panther was temporarily discontinued and removed from the main sales line, but was revived in 2017.

The previous model was produced until 2008, so if you check the used market you can find a model from that era for less than a new one.

The model that has been produced since 2017 and the old model that was produced until 2008 look identical, but the surface of the watch is finished differently.

New models currently on sale have a mirror finish that makes the metal parts of the case and bracelet shine with a reflective shine.

The older model has a satin finish to prevent reflections.

With these finishes, I think your personal preference will have a lot to say about which is better, so instead keep in the back of your mind that there are differences in these finishes and that they will shine in different ways.

The Panthere is only available in models that use quartz, a battery-powered movement, so it is positioned as a model only for women.

Prices vary depending on size and material, but the stainless steel model sells for 400,000 to 500,000 yen.

Next up we have a more traditional Tank-style model that is more typical of Cartier.

3. Mast tank

The third item is a discontinued model, but we'd like to introduce the Mast Tank.

The Mast Tank was a huge hit that was produced from the late 1970s until around 2005, and many different dials were created during that time.

Initially, SM and LM sizes were available, with the SM size being reserved for women, but later MM and XL sizes were added, meaning you can choose from four sizes.

If you are a woman, you may choose from SM, MM, or LM sizes.

Many people may think that LM is too large, but the design was completed in the late 1970s, and watches from that time were much smaller than current sizes, so even the LM size is small.

Therefore, even though it is called an LM size, I think it would be classified as small in modern terms.

The appeal of mast tanks is their cost-effectiveness.

As I talk about in every video, the case is made out of pure silver.

Stainless steel is a material with sharp edges, but silver has a soft, deep shine.

Of course, silver is more valuable as a metal than stainless steel.

Such mast tanks are only available second-hand, but because they are second-hand they are cheaper than the price of a new one, and when you take into account the fact that the case is made of silver, they offer overwhelmingly good value for money.

It has been in production for about 30 years, during which time a variety of dials have been created, and there are many cute dials available in the SM size.

If you are looking for your first Cartier watch, I think you will have a lot of fun choosing one even if the Mast Tank is one of your options.

Prices vary widely depending on the dial and limited edition models, but they are usually sold for around 350,000 to 700,000 yen.

Next, we'll introduce a model that is recommended for those who prefer a tank-shaped tank with a more subdued feel.

4. Tank Mast

Next, let me introduce the tank mast.

As mentioned earlier, the Mast Tank and the Mast Tank are the same model, but the words are reversed, so many people mistakenly think that the Tank Mast is an evolved version of the Mast Tank.

It may be easier to understand if you imagine a mast tank that was created in the late 1970s, given a modern twist and still in good condition today.

The distinctive feature of Tankmast is that all models are made of stainless steel and have a silver case.

Of the models currently on sale, this is the simplest and least expensive line, but it has a tank style that has remained unchanged for 100 years, so you won't get bored and it's a timeless design, which is why we recommend it.

This is also a relatively new collection that was launched in 2019, so there aren't many dial variations yet and only white is available.

So, although there's no fun in choosing, if you want to express your individuality in a good way with this model, the belt is the way to go.

With models with simple designs like these, the same watch can have a completely different feel depending on the material and color of the strap, so attaching your favorite strap is sure to boost your motivation at work.

The new price is 500,000 yen.

5. Baron Bleu 28-33mm Model

Next, we will introduce Cartier's Ballon Bleu.

The good thing about Baron Bleu is that it feels nice and smooth in your hand.

From the front, it looks like a normal round watch, but it has a gentle curve from the bezel to the crystal, and the back cover also has a gentle curve, giving it a very soft impression.

Like the Panther, the watch has a mellow construction, which I think is perfect for a soft, feminine image.

If you take a look at the design, the biggest difference compared to other Cartier models is that the crown is housed inside the case.

No other brand employs such beautiful designs, so it can be said that this is a traditional technique that only Cartier can achieve.

Ballon Bleu means blue balloon in French.

When you look at the watch as a whole, it has a rounded shape like a balloon, and the blue cabochon on the crown also looks like a balloon on the ground, which is the watch face.

There are only two 28mm models, so if you also look at the 33mm models you'll have more options to choose from.

The 33mm model is also available in light blue, and although it appears to have disappeared from the official website, it also previously had a pink dial.

The materials start from 33mm and include combinations with pink gold, so there are many very cute ones.

The 28mm model is exclusively a battery-powered quartz model, while the 33mm model is an automatic watch, meaning it has a mechanism that winds the mainspring as you go about your daily activities.

The new price is 770,000 yen for the 28mm stainless steel model, and 1,450,000 yen for the 33mm stainless steel and pink gold combination model.

6. Tank Louis Cartier

Next is the Tank Louis Cartier.

Although it looks very similar to the Tank Mast introduced in the fourth entry, the Tank Louis is the pinnacle model of Cartier watches, a luxury line made exclusively from 18K gold.

So, if you remember that Tank Masts are only made of stainless steel, whereas Tank Louis are made only from high-quality materials, you will immediately notice the difference.

The appeal of the ladies' SM size is its small size, with a case diameter of 22mm.

Although it's a little over budget, the prices are 1.55 million yen for the yellow gold model and 1.76 million yen for the pink gold model.

The Tank Mast has an understated design, so it goes well with a more formal atmosphere in the workplace, and this Tank Louis is made of gold, so it would look very glamorous if worn for events such as entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, or when going out.

At first glance, they have the same shape as a mast tank or tank mast, so I think most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

So why do people choose Tanklui? I think it's because of the joy of having something different from others.

Most wristwatches on the market are made of stainless steel, so having a material that uses a different metal feels very special, so I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a special watch that is different from others.

7. Santos (Santos Demoiselle)

I introduced the Panther earlier, and the Santos is a watch that has taken the rounded edges and made them more angular.

So the designs of the two models are pretty similar.

The ladies' version of the Santos is already out of production, but this angular style is in considerable demand among women, and it is one of the models that is rising in price on the second-hand market.

It has a square design, but it's made in a ladies' size, so it has a somewhat cute feel to it.

I also think that it's popular because there aren't many square ladies' watches like this these days.

When I look at women wearing Santos, I get the feeling that many of them are active in the business world.

It goes well with a sharp style, yet has a feminine, minimalist feel, so it's perfect for the business world, as it's right in the middle between business and femininity.

Regarding this Santos, there was also a model called the Santos Demoiselle that was sold during the same era.

This one is also discontinued, but it has a different design to the Santos and is made to be even cuter.

The dial is pink and the materials include pink gold, giving it a feminine look.

The reason is that, as I mentioned earlier, there was a period when production of the Panther was discontinued, and the Santos filled the gap.

From there, various ladies' models of Santos were spawned, and it was during this time that the Santos Demoiselle was born.

8. Round model of the Mast series

As I mentioned earlier about the mast tank, the cases of models made from the late 1970s onwards are made of pure silver.

I talked about this, and it turned out that in addition to the Mast Tank, many other Mast series have been created.

For example, ladies' models include "Mast Vendome" and "Mast Rond."

Like the Tank, it is small in size, and the SM size is about two sizes larger than modern watches.

The average wrist circumference of Japanese women is 13 to 14 cm, so even small watches look good on them, not just large ones.

And since the Mast series watches are made to fit the wrist just right, I highly recommend them.

The most attractive thing about this must-have series is the price.

The material used is pure silver, and although it is a high-quality watch, the cheaper models start at around 250,000 yen, which is quite cheap compared to current Cartier watches.

This is an extremely good value watch, with a price far surpassing its performance.

Cartier raised its prices four times last year, and before we knew it, it had become an ultra-luxury brand.

At that time, Mast tanks had risen in price to a fair extent, but the round model of the Mast series is still available at an affordable price, so I think now is the best time to buy one.

So, I have introduced eight models to you, but Cartier watches are definitely different from other brands.

There are many watches with similar designs from other brands, but if you look at them for a long time, you can see that the attention to detail is completely different.

Just as actresses throughout history have worn Cartier watches, when women wear Cartier watches they become more beautiful and gain more confidence.

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