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Article: Which Cartier watch did JO1's Kono Junki buy at Lavit?

Which Cartier watch did JO1's Kono Junki buy at Lavit?


This is Seno from Belle Montre.

This video was from this morning's news program Ravit, and there was a segment where Kono Junki from the idol group JO1 was asked to buy a watch. What kind of watch did he buy?

That's the story.

His original budget was 1 million yen and he wanted to buy a Cartier watch, but which watch did he actually buy?

I will explain the watch while explaining its features.

So let's get started right away.

What kind of person is Kono Junki?

Recently, I have the impression that the number of people choosing Cartier watches has increased significantly, especially among young people.

This Mr. Kono is also an extremely handsome man who perfectly fits the image of Cartier.

I think it'll be easier to visualize this person if I explain what kind of body type he has, so I'll just give you a very brief explanation of his specs.

He is 175cm tall and 26 years old.

I didn't know her wrist circumference, but based on the footage on TV I would guess that it's probably around 16 to 17 cm, which is the average for a Japanese person.

The members of JO1 already have matching bangles, and they wanted to buy watches to go with them! That's how this project started.

Now, I would like to introduce the watches that have been prepared as part of this project.

This time, someone from the Cartier store in Omotesando was in the studio, and they had four watches ready.

We will now explain the details of each watch.

Tank Mast

The first one is the tank mast.

This is the cheapest line in the current Cartier collection, and is the first model that comes to mind when you think, "I want to buy a Cartier watch!"

The watch is made entirely of stainless steel, and sizes up to LM are equipped with quartz movements, while the largest size, XL, is equipped with an automatic movement.

The XL size is special in that the dial has a radial satin finish, giving it a luxurious feel even among the mast tanks.

The sizes of the Mast Tank series, from smallest to largest, are SM size 22mm, LM size 25.5mm, and XL size 31mm.

This time on the show the price was stated as 759,000 yen, so we can see that XL size was available.

The XL size feels quite large to me, but if you're 175cm tall, even with this size it fits comfortably on your arm and doesn't throw off the overall balance, so I don't think it's a problem at all.

Although the design is the simplest style, it is a model that has remained unchanged since the Cartier Tank style was created 100 years ago, and it can be said that it is a timeless and popular model no matter how much time passes.

Now let's look at the second one.

Santos de Cartier

The second one is the Santos de Cartier.

Like the Tank, this is a classic and popular model that competes for first and second place among Cartier models.

The price listed on the show was 1,060,000 yen, so I got the all-stainless steel model in MM size.

It is available in MM and LM sizes; this time the MM size has a case diameter of 35mm, while the LM size is 39.8mm.

In the program, a leather strap was worn, but this model generally comes with a stainless steel strap.

Although it is a square watch, it is functional with a water resistance of 100m and combined with a stainless steel case, it is a sports watch that can be worn in any situation, from everyday use.

There are a wide variety of Santos models available, including stainless steel and gold combination models, models with black-coated cases, 18K gold cases, and dials in blue, green, and brown, among others. With a rich lineup, it's easy to find one that suits your taste.

Those who prefer a more rugged style tend to choose the Santos over the Tank, as its angular case gives it a masculine impression.

It looked really cool when this person wore it!

Now let's look at the third one.

Tank Louis Cartier

The third is the Tank Louis Cartier.

Although it looks very similar to the Tank Mast introduced first, the Tank Louis is the pinnacle model of Cartier watches, made only of 18K gold and with only hand-wound or automatic movements.

So, it's enough to remember that while the Tank Mast is made only of stainless steel, the Tank Louis is made only of high-quality materials.

The price listed in the studio was 1.98 million yen, so this is an LM size in pink gold with a case diameter of 25.5mm and a hand-wound movement.

By the way, the ladies' SM size has a case diameter of 22mm.

This model is available in yellow gold and pink gold, and while both are beautiful golds, pink gold matches well with Japanese skin tones, so I think the person who purchased it may have chosen this model.

By the way, there is one other LM size Tank Louis, which has a black dial and a yellow gold case, and this design also gives off a cool, chic and elegant impression.

The image of a person will change depending on the situation in which they wear it, but someone with such handsome features would suit either the Santos or the Tank.

However, as she wore it during her appearance, and as an idol she likely wears jackets a lot, so I think the tank top goes really well with her everyday outfit.

Now let's look at the fourth one.


The fourth model is the Santos-Dumont.

This model has the same name as the second one, Santos, but this one has a more dressy design.

It is much thinner than the Santos de Cartier, and sits somewhere between the Santos and the Tank.

On TV it was priced at 2.55 million yen, so it's the XL size pink gold model.

The case diameter is 33.9mm, which is smaller than the second Santos, so it is classified as a dress watch, a beautiful watch category that is different from sports watches.

The watch is quite simple in design, but the silver satin-finished dial is accented with pink gold, giving it a very luxurious and elegant feel.

This model also comes equipped with a quartz movement up to the LM size, but the XL model is equipped with a hand-wound movement, which makes it feel special.

The second model was available with either a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, but this Santos-Dumont only comes with a leather strap.

Now let's take a look at which watch Kono actually chose.

Which Cartier watch did Kono Junki choose?

Since you mentioned that your original budget was 1 million yen, your options were essentially two-fold: Tank Mast or Santos de Cartier.

As a man in my 20s, I thought that I would definitely choose the Santos, even though it was a little over my budget.

People in their 20s are intrigued by these kinds of tough sports.

So which watch did they actually put up the tag for?

・Santos de Cartier

・Tank Louis Cartier

I raised two cards.

Probably the entire nation watching this

"I'm torn between these two"

I'm sure everyone in the studio and those watching on TV were surprised when he said, "I'll buy both!", haha.

For starters, the Santos costs 1,060,000 yen, so at this point I'm already 60,000 yen over my budget, and if I also buy a Tank Louis watch for 2 million yen, I'll be 2 million yen over my budget.

Mr. Kono then shared the details of why he chose the two watches: the Santos was for his father and the Tank Louis was for himself.

is what they said.

Apparently, his father usually wears a silver watch, so after seeing him wear one, he bought the Santos as a gift for his father, and he bought the Tank Luigi simply because he wanted it himself.

I thought she was a truly wonderful person, and I'm sure her father would be very happy to receive a Cartier watch as a gift.

And as for the Tank Louis, I think it's perfect for this person.

As I've said many times before, he looks so cool and any watch would suit him, but I think this one suits his image perfectly.

So, today I introduced four Cartier watches, and it made me want to know more about each of Cartier's models!

We think there may be some of you who are wondering about this, so in these videos we explain the detailed history and features of each model, so if you are interested, please be sure to check out these videos.

If you found today's video interesting or learned something from it, I would be very grateful if you would subscribe to my channel, like it, and share it.

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