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Article: The watch worn by model and actress Haruna Kawaguchi has great taste

The watch worn by model and actress Haruna Kawaguchi has great taste

To see the watch worn by Haruna Kawaguchi in the video, click here:

In this article, we will introduce the watch that Kawaguchi Haruna wears on Instagram.

Kawaguchi Haruna is a very successful actress and model, and I sometimes watch her on TV Shows, but I'm sure you've all seen her at least 10 times.

I'll just share my profile with you so you can get an idea of ​​what the watch looks like when worn.

I am 166cm tall and 29 years old, born in 1995.

Kawaguchi has a unique sensibility that is different from other people, as rather than wearing a ladies' watch, she skillfully incorporates men's-sized watches into her fashion.

Well, she is a model.

Their level in that area is overwhelmingly higher than ours.

Last time, this I posted a video titled "My thoughts on men wearing small watches", and I think that men who wear such small watches are just like the "male version of Haruna Kawaguchi" and have the best fashion sense 👍

If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out here↓

So, let's go straight into finding out just how expensive a watch Kawaguchi is wearing!

The watch worn by Haruna Kawaguchi

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Turquoise Ref.1550BA.OO.1356BA.01

It's so stylish!

It's a grey T-shirt, but it seems to be made of sturdy material, so although it's simple, it feels really nice against the skin.

This Royal Oak watch was released in 2023 and features a dial made of natural turquoise, while the bracelet and case are made of 18K yellow gold.

This men's model has a case diameter of 37mm and is equipped with an automatic winding caliber 5900.

The price is 8.14 million yen.

More details here↓

" Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Turquoise Ref.1550BA.OO.1356BA.01 "

Mr. Kawaguchi, it's amazing that you have the financial power to buy such a luxury watch.

At this point, I don't feel jealous anymore, it's just so stylish.

And that's it.

It's great for women to wear yellow gold as it really adds a touch of glamour.

She paired this with a short-sleeved 5/8 T-shirt and faded long jeans, and on her right hand she wore a large link bracelet from Tiffany, so it's a fashion that clearly adds to the hands and subtracts elsewhere!

It's the strongest!

Click here for details on the large ring bracelet ↓

"Tiffany Large Link Bracelet"

By the way, the turquoise on the dial is cut from natural stone, so there are no two with the same pattern, making it a truly exceptional piece.

Rolex GMT Master II Ref.126710BLRO

She was seen wearing it on Instagram in 2022.

Commonly known as Pepsi, this model features the Pepsi red and blue bezel as its name suggests, and is a reproduction of the original model.

This one is larger than the gold Royal Oak we showed earlier, at 40mm, and it looks really cool!

The image changes to something like this.

Wearing glasses makes you look intelligent and gives you a different look than usual, making you seem not only cool but also smart.

Click here for details on the Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126710BLRO

The price is 1.57 million yen.

The last one was a ridiculously expensive one, so this one is also expensive, but I guess even ordinary people like us could get it if we tried, so I feel a little closer to it.

This outfit also includes a large ring bracelet from Tiffany, so it seems this is a must-have item for Kawaguchi-san👍

Rolex Day-Date Ref.128238

The third one is a Rolex Day-Date.

This model was released in 2019 and is made with an 18K bracelet and case, and the dial is an all-gold model with a champagne color.

The case diameter is 36mm and it is equipped with an automatic movement, Cal.3255.

From a male perspective, I feel it would be difficult to have everything gold, but after all, she's a woman and an actress, so I guess it's okay for her to have this much.

Or rather, since she is an actress, wearing colors like these that are hard for ordinary people to wear makes her look even more glamorous.

Kawaguchi likely purchased this model as a fashion item, but I think the all-gold watch matches her talent as an actress perfectly.

If you're wondering about the price, it's 5.48 million yen.

Click here for more information on the Rolex Day-Date Ref. 128238

It's cheaper than the first Royal Oak, but it's still an outrageously priced watch, so it's a princess watch that only those who are well-off can own.

By the way, I talk about my thoughts on gold watches in this video, so if you're interested, please take a look.

Royal Oak Automatic Black Ceramic Ref.77350CE.OO.1266CE.03A

The fourth watch is a black one.

It's a Royal Oak from the same brand as the first one, Audemars Piguet, but it's a stylish model with a black ceramic case and a black tapisserie dial with 18K pink gold screws.

This is from a man's perspective, but can women also choose black like this?

I had previously classified the black version as a men's watch, but when you get to this point, it's really manly!


However, the case diameter of this model is 34mm, so compared to previous models it is not huge and so even though it is black it does not make such a big statement.

And the pink gold screws are a really small accent, but they really make it look very stylish.

I can't be sure for sure, but the ring is probably Boucheron.

Women who are particular about their accessories definitely look beautiful, and that alone makes men's hearts flutter.

The price is a whopping 7.04 million yen.

If you include other accessories, the total would probably be 8 million yen.

Click here for more information on the Royal Oak Automatic Black Ceramic Ref. 77350CE.OO.1266CE.03A

Rolex Explorer Ref.124273

Haruna Kawaguchi Rolex Explorer Ref.124273

This is the first combination model for the Explorer, and the bezel and center of the bracelet are made of 18K gold.

It has a simple look, but the gold accents make it look even more glamorous.

The Explorer is also popular among women, so it is likely that many women are familiar with it among all Rolex models.

There's even a term called "Equatorial Guinea Girls."

There is a reason why I am introducing this model last. This photo is taken from Kawaguchi's YouTube channel, and it is a video that gives us a glimpse into Kawaguchi's personality.

Until now, I thought she was some kind of amazing person because she wears a luxury watch, but when you watch the video, you realize that this is not the case at all and that she is just an ordinary 29-year-old woman.

This grape picking fashion is casual with a part T-shirt and long jeans, but the addition of the Explorer makes it casual yet stylish.

The case diameter is 36mm and it is a men's model, but looking at it like this you can see that it is also perfectly suitable for everyday use by women.

Click here for more information on the Rolex Explorer Ref. 124273

If you're wondering about the price, it's 1.7 million yen.

Yes, it's expensive

But when you watch grape picking, it's strange because it doesn't look like that at all.

Finally, let's summarise the price.

①Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Turquoise Ref.1550BA.OO.1356BA.01

8.14 million yen

②Rolex GMT Master II Ref.126710BLRO

1.57 million yen

③Rolex Day-Date Ref.128238

5.48 million yen

④Royal Oak Automatic Black Ceramic Ref.77350CE.OO.1266CE.03A

7.04 million yen

⑤Rolex Explorer Ref.124273

1.7 million yen

The total price for these five bottles is 23,930,000 yen.

Kawaguchi is truly amazing, being able to purchase a watch worth 24 million yen.

I always thought it was too early for me to own a luxury watch, but when I see something like this, I realize that I still have a lot of work to do.

People's opinions may vary, but to me she is a top actress.

I think it's instructive for both men and women to see someone like this wearing a watch and showing us an example of how to coordinate a watch.

If there were more actors and actresses like this, perhaps watches would become more familiar to us ordinary people.

The prices for these five watches are as of today, but market prices change daily.

If you are interested in watches, we have inserted links to all of them in the description section, so please take a look there.

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