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Article: What kind of watch is the Tank Francaise that Hirate Yurina wore at the Cartier event?

What kind of watch is the Tank Francaise that Hirate Yurina wore at the Cartier event?


This is Seno from Belle Montre.

The event was held in Tokyo on September 14th.

"TIME UNLIMITED - Cartier Watches that transcend time"

The watch worn by Hirate Yurina received such a positive response that we decided to film a video about it.

This is a video that I would like women who don't know much about Cartier watches to watch, so I love Hirate! I was curious about the Cartier watch that Hirate was wearing.

If so, please watch until the end and share with your friends.

What is the "Tank Francaise" worn by Hirate?

Yurina Hirate is wearing the Cartier Tank Francaise watch

The model that Hirate was wearing is called "Tank Française," which includes the meanings of "France" or "French."

And the highest quality model is made of 18k yellow gold and set with diamonds.

I would like you to take a look at the Française position here. Please see below.

Cartier Watches - Tank Series Position Map

There are many different tank models available.

This is a classification of the positions of the Tank series named after countries, with the Tank Louis Cartier at the top (the Tank Louis Cartier is the model worn by Yoshizawa Ryo, which we explained in the previous video, so please take a look), and below that is the Francaise.

The Tank Louis Cartier is at the pinnacle of the series, and all models derived from it have "Tank" somewhere in their name.

And the country name is

・Tank Francaise = France

・Tank American = America

・Tank Anglaise = UK (discontinued)

It's like that.

By the way, Suzuki Honami, who was also in attendance, wore her personal yellow gold Tank Americano.

In the image above, Erika Toda is not included as it is not part of the country name series, but she was wearing her personal item, the Tank Solo in Yellow Gold, which is also derived from the Tank.

Actresses Erika Toda and Honami Suzuki wore Cartier watches

Now, getting back to our topic, it appears that Hirate's item is not her personal property.

It was probably prepared by Cartier, but I think there is some significance in Hirate being wearing the Française.

This is because the most popular model among women is the Francaise, so anyone who is thinking of purchasing a Cartier watch in the future would likely consider the Francaise first.

That's why we decided to have Hirate, who will likely attract the most attention, wear Française.

Now that we know the model and intention behind what Hirate is wearing, let's also take a look at the sizes.

Cartier watches generally come in three or four different sizes for the same model.

If you are Française, it will be as follows ↓

Cartier Tank Francaise watch size comparison

The Française is available in three sizes, SM for ladies, MM for unisex, and LM for men.

And the one Hirate was wearing is the SM ladies' size.

I think that even women will find that MM sizes fit comfortably on their wrists, but for most Japanese women, SM is a perfect fit.

The average height of Japanese women is 158cm, and Hirate is 163cm, so if she's not that tall and her style doesn't change, I don't think it would be a problem for her to be in SM.

The distinctive feature of the Française is that it is designed so that the strap and dial are connected smoothly, so even though it is a watch, it looks like a bracelet, and even though it is made of gold and has diamonds, it does not stand out too much, but rather serves as an accent.

Finally, I would like to wear the same model as Hirate!

I'm sure there are some of you who are wondering this, so I'd like to explain it to you.

Cartier Tank Francaise Watch Material List

The model that Hirate-san was wearing was made of 18K yellow gold and set with diamonds.

It's the model on the far right.

However, the price is 4.3 million yen, so I think only a limited number of people will be able to purchase it.

So, I think the only option I can recommend is the stainless steel model.

Even stainless steel is quite expensive, but you can purchase a new one here for 530,000 yen.

In fact, this Française model was just redesigned in March 2023, so its design is the latest.

Therefore, even if you search for a second-hand item, the price will be almost the same as a new one.

Cartier watch Francaise: Difference between old and new models

Well, although it is an older model, the design is actually quite similar and there are many people who like the design of this model, so it largely comes down to personal preference.

Here, the cheapest second-hand pieces are available for around 200,000 yen, so if you want to wear the same Française but want to keep costs down, I think this is the best choice.


To sum up, there is no doubt that Cartier is a brand that suits both men and women, but when Hirate attends the event dressed in that kind of fashion, I feel that it is a woman who really brings out the best in Cartier.

Cartier has remained the most popular brand of ladies' watches for the past few years, so I think their true ability was on full display here.

I hope that this article has helped you to gain a better understanding of the Française that Hirate wore.

If you found this video educational and interesting, I would be very happy if you would follow X and subscribe to this channel.

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