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Article: An explanation of the watches worn by Akaso Eiji, Yoshizawa Ryo, and Hirate Yurina at the Cartier event!

An explanation of the watches worn by Akaso Eiji, Yoshizawa Ryo, and Hirate Yurina at the Cartier event!

Cartier watches worn by actors and actresses

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This article was written about a Cartier event held in Tokyo two days ago.

"TIME UNLIMITED - Cartier Watches that transcend time"

I would like to talk about the watch worn by the model.

First, I'll introduce the two actors, and then I'll introduce Hirate Yurina last.

So let me explain right away.

Akaso-san's Santos de Cartier watch

The first person to wear it was Eiji Akaso, and the model he wore was the Santos de Cartier.

With its distinctive design featuring curved edges and a square shape, the Santos is said to have been the first wristwatch ever made.

Click here to learn more about the history of Santos.

The model worn by Akaso was released in 2018 and is an evolution of the previous Santos 100 model.

The Santos 100 is really cool, and the new Santos is also very cool, but to briefly explain the difference between them, the Santos 100 has a bezel that is bordered in a perfect square, while the Santos de Cartier has a design that connects to the strap.

The difference between Santos 100 and Santos de Cartier

Design will vary depending on personal preference, but Cartier is currently trying to adopt a design that makes the seam from the case to the strap look smooth and unified.

Keep in mind that this is the same style used by Hirate, who I will introduce last.

The price of this Santos is 1.7 million yen.

Next, let's take a look at the model worn by Ryo Yoshizawa.

Ryo Yoshizawa Tank Louis Cartier

This is the Tank Louis Cartier model, which reigns supreme among all Cartier models.

A unique feature of this watch is that the cases are never made from stainless steel, but only from 18K yellow or pink gold.

This watch is a representative model of Cartier, and it was this model that satisfied royalty and aristocrats at the time.

Therefore, even though the design of this tank has not changed for over 100 years, it possesses a timeless beauty that we still find beautiful today.

The black dial on a black suit is so cool that even I, a man, fell in love with it.

The price is 1.9 million yen.

And lastly, we have the model worn by Hirate Yurina, called "Tank Francaise."

Yurina Hirate Cartier Tank Francaise 18K Gold & Diamond

This is the most popular model among women, and if you are a woman, you will hardly ever take it off if you wear this watch.

Many actors and actresses served as models at this Cartier event, but I thought Hirate was the coolest of them all.

The reason is that, although for men, wearing a suit makes you look great, on the other hand, wearing a suit means you won't stand out from the others.

This time, Hirate's fashion and watch look are very Cartier-like, and my first impression was that it looked like a reproduction of the "Belle Epoque of Paris."

Belle Epoque

The Belle Époque refers to the glamorous culture and lifestyle of Paris in the 1920s, similar to the Bubble Period in Japan; it was extremely glamorous.

It seemed like Hirate embodied that, and I felt that she was the coolest.

And as for the watch, it is no ordinary Francaise model, but a top-of-the-line model made of 18K yellow gold set with diamonds.

You don't see many watches like this these days.

That also creates the Cartier world view, and I thought that it was something that only Hirate could do.

What's more, the fact that she wears the watch on her blouse rather than on her wrist is also stylish.

The price is 4.3 million yen.

When you see actors and actresses wearing them like this, you can see how great Cartier watches are and they really are amazing.

You can really feel that.

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