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Omega Ladymatic (Ladymatic)

Omega Ladymatic (Ladymatic)

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What kind of watch is the Ladymatic, OMEGA's discontinued ladies' model?

Looking at Omega watches, there are many very cute ladies' watches as well.

The model we will introduce this time is called Ladymatic, and it is a small and cute watch compared to current ladies' watches, so it is a model that we can recommend to women with slender wrists.

We will explain the charm of Ladymatic in detail, so please watch until the end.

History of the Ladymatic

The Ladymatic was OMEGA's first automatic watch for women, introduced in 1955.

The Ladymatic is still available in the current Omega line, but it was revamped in 2010 and its style is very different from the vintage models.

Here, I will explain about the vintage Ladymatic.

At the time, automatic watches for women were very rare, and the Ladymatic caused a huge stir when it was released.

There is a fascinating story behind it, but the image of women at the time was that "women = bad with machines," so basic women's watches, regardless of brand, were simply made.

However, Omega respected women and decided to develop an automatic watch for women that used the same movement as the men's automatic model and sell it in wristwatches.

That model is the "Ladymatic."

The Ladymatic was produced for a long period, from its introduction in 1955 until the 1980s.

It was later revived once in the 1990s, but was discontinued again from the 2000s onwards, and as I mentioned earlier, the current line was released in 2010.

What's different from the current model?

What it has in common with the current model is that it is equipped with an automatic movement.

But the big difference is the size.

The sizes of vintage models range from 17mm to 22mm, but current models are all standardized at 34mm.

Starting around the 1990s, the default case sizes for both men and women's watches gradually became larger, which is why ladies' watches are about that size today.

Therefore, if you prefer larger watches, we recommend you choose a current model, but if you have slender wrists or prefer delicate watches, a vintage model would be a good choice.

What is the appeal of vintage Ladymatic?

The Ladymatic is characterised by its elegant design.

The case is small, at around 20mm, and its rounded shape gives it a feminine look.

Another attractive feature is that the cases are available in both round and square shapes, allowing you to choose the style that suits you best.

Especially the round windshield (glass surface) It uses cut glass, which is thought to be impossible to reproduce in modern times, and has a sparkling shine like jewelry.

There are several models available with a variety of playful features, such as diamonds on the index, decorations on the lugs, and chains instead of the usual straps, so the choice is fun.