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Clé de Cartier

Clé de Cartier

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This is Seno, an antique tableware store.

In today's video, I will be explaining about CLÉ DE CARTIER, which has a uniquely shaped crown.

If I had to sum up this model in one sentence, I would say it's a watch that preserves the classics while opening up to the future with new technology.

Cartier has released a variety of models, but this model is one that shows that they put a lot of effort into making.

Not only men, but even women who are not particularly interested in the structure of the movement will be convinced that mechanical watches are an option.

By the time you finish watching the video, you will understand the capabilities of this model and its appeal as a hand-wound watch at an affordable price, so please be sure to watch until the end.

The table of contents is included in the description, so please take a look there if there is anything you are interested in.

So let's get started right away.

The Birth of Clé de Cartier

Since its founding, Cartier has provided the watch industry with innovative design and technology.

Clé De Cartier was introduced as a collection that marks a new chapter in the history of Cartier.

This model incorporates new designs and technologies that are different from previous Cartier collections, and it can be said that it has taken Cartier's brand image one step further.

Its origins date back to 2015.

Clé De Cartier was first unveiled at the 2015 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH).

SIHH is the world's largest watch exhibition, held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, and is an important event where luxury watch brands from all over the world announce their new products.

Its launch here attracted considerable attention from the industry and watch enthusiasts alike.

Given the background to its creation, Cartier clearly classifies this model as part of its "luxury line."

Now let's take a look at the features of this model.

Inspiration from the key "Kure"

The model name begins with "clé," which means key in French, and was chosen because the design of the crown resembles an old key.

The crown is the part that is operated to wind the watch. The crown of the De Cartier watch is shaped like a key.

The shape of the crown has a significant impact on the design of the watch.

It's common knowledge that a crown is usually located on the side of a watch case and is generally round in shape.

So let's take a look at what Cartier's official website has to say about this design.

Quoted from the Cartier official website: About the design of Clé de Cartier

*Quoted from Cartier's official website: About the design of Clé de Cartier

The above states it like this:

"Finding new forms within a perfect circle. The form has been stripped of all unnecessary elements, leaving only the essentials, and precision, balance and proportion have been pursued in everything.

This passage also conveys that Cartier is always seeking new designs.

The design is also beautiful when viewed from the side.

Please see the image below.

Cartier watch Clé de Cartier side view

It has a curved shape so that it fits comfortably on the wrist.

You can also see that the bezel is gently curved to achieve this.

In this way, The De Cartier watch has a key-shaped crown, giving it a cutting-edge design while still remaining classic.

And this is where the first question must arise.

How does this work?

And that's it.

Now let's take a look at how the crown actually works.

Cartier Watch Clé de Cartier Crown Movement

It may seem difficult to operate, but that is not the case at all; the operation method is no different from that of a normal crown.

If you just turn it, it will wind up, and if you pull out the crown and turn it, the hands will move and you can set the time.

The feeling of operating it at this time is said to be just like turning a key to open a door.

The crown is adorned with a blue sapphire cabochon, Cartier's symbol, giving the entire watch a luxurious and sophisticated feel.

Let's take a look at the elegant dial

Cartier Watches Clé de Cartier Dial Features

Clé De Cartier dials are characterized by their elegant and simple design.

The base of the dial is an elegant silver with a white tint, on top of which Cartier's unique Roman numerals are used, and the indexes are all blue on all models.

Also, if you look at the center of the dial, you will see a wavy pattern; this is called guilloche engraving, a decoration that is only found on high-end models.

Some people choose watches based on whether or not they have this decoration, so it can be said to be an important element of the dial.

This decoration enhances the beauty of the watch and creates contrast with the indexes placed around it, significantly improving visibility.

As for the crown, high-end models such as the Tank Louis are known for using natural blue sapphire, while other models use artificial spinel.

However, since this Clé de Cartier watch uses natural blue sapphires, it is clear that it is classified as a luxury model.

These features make it a The De Cartier watch has an elegant and sophisticated design, and is the embodiment of Cartier's high technical skill and aesthetic sense.

Let's take a look at the size range

Cartier Watch Clé de Cartier Size Range

Clé De Cartier is available in a variety of sizes and designs, and comes in three patterns.

Generally, Cartier has sizes available in SM, MM, and LM, but this one does not.

Available in 31mm for ladies, 35mm for unisex, and 40mm for men.

What I want you to look at here is the movement.

Normally, ladies' models are equipped with quartz movements, but this model is equipped with an automatic movement in all sizes.

Cartier's high-end and men's models tend to have automatic movements, but the fact that they are also available in ladies' sizes shows that this is a high-end model that focuses on the mechanical aspects of its ladies' watches.

The 40mm men's model has a larger case size and thickness, giving it a powerful impression.

On the other hand, the women's models feature smaller case sizes, a more delicate impression, and a more feminine design.

Even though it is a ladies' size, it has a mechanical movement, so it gives off a mature feminine vibe.

Let's take a look at the material lineup

Cartier Watches Clé de Cartier Material Variations

Cartier Watches Clé de Cartier Material Variations

Clé De Cartier also offers a wide range of case and bracelet materials to choose from.

Material variations include stainless steel, 18K gold (yellow gold, pink gold, white gold), and platinum.

There are also luxurious models set with diamonds and models with alligator straps.

These material and design options allow you to De Cartier offers a selection to suit a variety of styles and tastes.

There are a wide variety of models available, including stainless steel models that go well with casual styles, gold and platinum models for formal occasions, feminine and cute pink gold models, and gorgeous diamond models. This is one of the charms of De Cartier.

With such a comprehensive lineup, it will be very easy for both men and women to choose!

Caliber 1847 MC automatic movement

Clé de Cartier movement Cal.1847MC

Until 2001, Cartier was known as a jewelry brand with beautiful exteriors, but it wasn't known as a watch brand that paid particular attention to interior design.

However, the company is now able to create its own movements and can be said to have transformed into a true watch brand.

And, Clay The de Cartier is equipped with the Caliber 1847 MC automatic movement, an in-house developed movement.

So let's take a look at this movement.

The name 1847 MC comes from the year the brand Cartier was founded.

The sequel, "MC" It is an abbreviation for "Manufacture de Cartier" and means "Made by Cartier."

This certifies that the movement was developed and manufactured in Cartier workshops.

This movement was created and developed by Cartier's watchmakers and engineers, and is just 3.8mm thick, allowing it to be installed in thin, dressy watches.

In addition, a regulation system allows watchmakers to carefully adjust each movement to ensure high precision that meets the high standards of Swiss watchmaking.

In addition, the materials have been revised to improve magnetic resistance and durability, and the design is designed to be less prone to malfunction even with long-term use.

There's an important point I'd like to ask women here: even the ladies' models are equipped with automatic winding mechanisms.

The reason why there are so few automatic ladies' watches is because women's arm movements are not that great in their daily lives.

As a result, the winding efficiency is poor and you have to wind it yourself.

However, this Cartier movement is suitable for women's daily movements. It is designed for efficient winding, eliminating the need for manual winding and ensuring a constant supply of adequate power.

This is why even the ladies' models are equipped with automatic winding.

Another thing that cannot be overlooked is the decoration on the movement.

Not all Clé de Cartier models have see-through backs, but the movement can still be seen from the back.

The movement is also decorated, which shows the attention to detail that goes into the parts that cannot be seen.

By its very nature, the thinner the movement, the less efficient the winding becomes and the more vulnerable it becomes to shocks. However, this movement has been designed and constructed in an extremely detailed way, achieving the thinness that is synonymous with Cartier while overcoming its weakness to shocks.


Clé The De Cartier is the most representative model that embodies the spirit of Cartier watchmaking.

The combination of a rounded case, thin movement, unique crown and elegant dial creates a design unlike any other.

Furthermore, the Cal.1847 MC automatic movement ensures high precision and reliability.

These factors combine to make Cre The De Cartier is one of the most highly regarded models among modern watch enthusiasts .