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Santos de Moiselle

Santos de Moiselle

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Santos de Cartier

What kind of watch is the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch?

You've probably heard the term "Deux Moiselle" before; it means "Young Lady" in French.

By the way, "Du Moiselle" is the name of the plane flown by Alberto Santos-Dumont, who inspired the development of the Santos.

The Santos de Cartier is Santos' main ladies' model, released in 2005, and is characterized by its small, elegant dial.

The difference with the Santos is quite easy to see, as it does not have the screw-fastened bezel that is found on the Santos, so you can tell right away by looking at it.

Now let's take a look at the variations of the Santos de Cartier.

Santos de Cartier Dial Variations

Cartier watch: Dial variations of the Santos de Cartier

The dial was available in standard white and pink shell.

Then, for Christmas 2009, a special model was released, limited to 2,000 pieces, with the double C logo printed on a pale purple background.

The colors of each model are gentle and you can tell they are made for warm-hearted women.

By the way, Ken Watanabe's daughter Anne, who has now moved to France, is also famous for wearing this Santos de Cartier on her wrist.

Let's look at the materials

Cartier watch Santos de Cartier material variations

Looking at the materials, this one also comes in a variety of materials, ranging from standard stainless steel to 18K yellow, pink, or white gold, a combination of stainless steel and yellow gold, and models adorned with diamonds.

Let's look at the size

The Santos de Cartier was available in three sizes.

Cartier watch Santos de Cartier size range

Mini = Case diameter 17mm

SM= Case diameter 20.7mm

LM= Case diameter: 26mm

The mini and SM sizes are quite small, while the LM size is a bit larger.

That said, even the LM size is considered average in modern terms, so the appeal of Cartier watches is that you can find any size to fit your wrist.

Unfortunately, the Santos de Cartier was discontinued in 2017, but it continues to remain popular with Cartier enthusiasts seeking second-hand pieces.