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Tank Anglaise

Tank Anglaise

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In this article, we will introduce Tank Anglaise, one of the three main Pokémon that has disappeared.

'We will explain about this.

The Anglaise model had a short production period, so I think fewer people know about it compared to other models, but my impression is that it is a stylish watch, typical of Cartier.

Among Cartier watches that are no longer in production, there are some wonderful pieces, one of which is the "Anglaise."

By reading this article to the end, you will understand not only the charm and history of Anglaise, but also its relationship with other American and Française.

Once you understand the appeal of Anglaise, I think many people will also consider Anglaise watches on the second-hand market, so I will do my best to explain, so please stay with me until the end.

The meaning of model names that include the word "tank"

First of all, some model names have the word "tank" somewhere in them, what does this mean?

I will explain what this means.

Looking back at the history of Cartier watches, the Tank prototype was completed in 1917 and officially sold to customers in 1919.

By the way, the prototype made in 1917 It was reportedly presented in 1918 to General John Joseph Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe.

And because the watch that went on sale to the general public in 1919 has almost the same shape as the Tank Louis Cartier that still exists today, this is said to be the prototype of the Tank.

In short, Louis Cartier deserves to be the grandfather of all models.

So, to answer your initial question, why does the model name have "Tank" somewhere in it, the models with Tank in them are derivatives of the Louis Cartier.

This includes the meaning:

Therefore, the currently available "Tank Américaine," "Tank Française," "Tank Mast," and the discontinued "Tank Anglaise" are all derivatives.

Now let's look at the Anglaise position.

What kind of model is the Tank Anglaise?

Cartier Tank Series American Francaise Anglaise

From left to right, the models are Tank Américaine, Française, and Anglaise, and each model name includes the name of a country: America, France, or England.

This was the case of the founder François' grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jack. The names of the countries are chosen as a homage to the company's bases in New York, Paris, and London.

In short, the name "Anglaise" is a British name.

Looking at the years when these three models were born, the American was born in 1989, the Francaise in 1997, and the Anglaise in 2012, making the Anglaise the newest model.

The American and Francaise varieties are still available today, but unfortunately the Anglaise was discontinued in 2019.

The Tank Anglaise can be described as a "British-style" Tank.

Although the design is linear, the overall shape has graceful rounded edges and is said to have been inspired by the London style that reflected the Art Deco movement that was popular in the 1920s.

It departs from the quintessential Art Deco design that is consistent throughout the Tank series.

Looking at the design of the Angoulaise in this way, we can see that it is a newly designed model, different from the American and Francaise models that came before it.

Take a look at the unique cases and dials

The biggest difference with previous Tank models is that the crown is included inside the case, which is rare for the Tank series.

The nine-sided crown is set with a blue spinel, but its tip is cut to match the straight vertical lines of the case.

There is a recess in the side of the case that allows the crown to be pulled out.

Generally, you adjust the time by pulling the crown, but if you pull the crown that is inside the case, it will collide with the case.

Let's take a closer look at how it works.

How the Cartier Anglaise watch crown works

When we think of a crown, we imagine it as a combination of the nine-sided shape and the cabochon, but in an anglaise, the nine-sided shape usually just rotates, and the cabochon part is separate from it.

In short, by pulling the cabochon, it docks with the nine-sided crown, so even if you pull the crown, the nine-sided part will not hit the case.

This is a rare system that is not adopted by any other watch brand, but it can be said to reflect Cartier's philosophy of combining technical elements, aesthetics, and playfulness.

Now let's look at the dial.

Tank Anglaise Dial Features

Among Cartier's designs, this watch uses the most traditional Roman numerals, and the silver dial is decorated with guilloche engraving, a technique that is only used on high-end models.

To briefly explain guilloche engraving, if you look closely at the dial, you will see a wavy pattern that runs from the center to the outside.

This wavy pattern is called guilloche, and what's amazing about anglaise is that it is done in three stages.

The blue, green, and red lines in the image are guilloche engraved, probably made by machine, and give the impression of skilled craftsmanship.

Generally, this decoration is only applied to dials of a certain size, but surprisingly, on the Anglaise, this decoration is also applied to the smallest size, the SM size.

At the same time, the Anglaise has this even in the cheapest stainless steel case.

Let's take a look at the size range

Cartier Tank Anglaise watch size range

Like other models, it was available in SM, MM, and LM.

SM is for ladies

MM is unisex

LM is for men.

Compared to the Francaise and American models, it is the one that inherits the Tank style the most, so when viewed from the front, it looks very similar to the Tank except for the crown.

On the other hand, its thickness gives it a three-dimensional appearance, but this is not felt thanks to the elegant roundness common to the entire case.

The XL size is about 1cm thick, so it may feel thick, but compared to men's models from other brands, it is not that large and will fit comfortably on a man's arm.

Let's take a look at the material lineup

Cartier Tank Anglaise Watches in various materials

In addition to stainless steel, the lineup included 18-karat yellow, pink, and white gold cases.

There were also models with diamonds on the bezel and dial, and there were a variety of variations available, from men's to ladies' models.

With these various options available, when stainless steel isn't enough for women, combinations with pink or yellow become an option, and when a more feminine feel is desired, the option of pink gold or yellow, or a model adorned with diamonds, can be chosen, which is a nice feature.

Basically, the strap is integrated into the model, so if a high-quality case is used, the price will be higher; however, women can simply use it as a bracelet, and for men, the only fashion point they have is the watch, so a yellow gold model will add a very glamorous touch.

Price is determined by understanding the value

As you can see from what I have shown so far, I think you will understand that the Anglaise model is a high-end model that stands out from other models.

The movement also contains a complex mechanism, which also requires a lot of effort to manufacture and inevitably increases the price.

Looking at the prices on the current second-hand market, the Francaise SM is around 220,000 yen while the Anglaise SM is 340,000 yen, so there is a difference of about 120,000 yen.

Of course, the opening will be larger if the material or size is different.

When thinking about the price, I think the most ideal thing to do is to understand the appeal of Anglaise.

・An original design despite being a tank

・Guilloche engraving on the dial

・Special crown

I think these will be the key points for evaluation.

From my perspective, I think the LM is a viable option because it is equipped with an in-house movement and has a cool design.

Even for women, there are pink and diamond models available, so I think it would be worth considering when comparing it with other models.

The price is a little high, but if you understand the value contained within this watch, you'll realize that it's not an expensive purchase.


To sum up, it seems that Cartier watches in the 2010s were trying to create watches with no visible crowns.

This can be seen in the Panthere Mini and Baignoire, which also have crowns designed to be hidden from view.

By changing their designs in this way to keep up with the times, it is clear that Cartier is always responsive to customer needs and creating watches that reflect the company's values.

There are trends that symbolize each era, but when something is made by a company like Cartier, it has a timeless beauty no matter how much time has passed.

Although there are mixed opinions about the design, it is clear that a lot of effort was put into making it, and I think the price on the used market will likely rise in the future.