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In this article, we will explain the Trinity Watch, which is a part of Cartier's Trinity brand, which includes some of their signature rings and necklaces.

Cartier is a brand that any woman would aspire to own, and the Trinity is a lovely model with a wonderful design, making it an item that everyone would want to own.

How did Trinity come about?

What is its appeal?

I will explain these things in detail, so please stay with me until the end.

The story behind the birth of Cartier's representative model, the Trinity

The Cartier Trinity watch traces its roots back to the Trinity ring designed by Louis Cartier in 1924.

There is an anecdote that Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder, designed this watch for his friend Jean Cocteau, the designer, playwright, poet and painter.

Cocteau was so fascinated by Saturn's rings that he asked Louis to turn them into jewelry.

French painter Jean Cocteau

※Jean Cocteau

Using his friend's imagination as a starting point, Louis created three rings in different precious metals - yellow gold, white gold and pink gold - to form interlocking rings.

Cartier Trinity Ring Sketch

They also contain meanings,

"Pink Gold is Love"

"White gold is friendship"

"Yellow gold is loyalty"

It represents:

After learning of these meanings, Jean Cocteau fell in love with the Trinity so much that he decided to wear it on his finger for the rest of his life.

In addition to this unique concept, what made the Cartier Trinity stand out and was accepted by the public was its streamlined design.

For example, Hollywood actresses such as Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper She has been spotted wearing this ring due to its beauty.

Hollywood stars who loved Cartier Trinity rings

Thus, with its connections to royalty and celebrities, Cartier's Trinity has produced an entire collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and eventually timepieces.

Trinity is also used in watches

As with other jewelry collections, Cartier's Trinity has now been incorporated into watches as well.

Designed specifically for women's wrists, the Trinity is only available in ladies' models.

This is the first Trinity watch, and when it was first released the case diameter was 27mm, and no other sizes were available.

The original design featured intertwined bands of yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, and the watches were made to match the original, but later designs were also developed with solid gold cases and some diamonds set into the case.

You can choose from a refined leather or metal bracelet, all powered by Swiss quartz movements.

Cartier - Various Trinity Watches

Now, let's take a look at each model, starting from the left.

First, there is the standard model, whose case is made from pink gold, white gold, and yellow gold, which are also the principles of the Trinity.

To the right of that is the all-white gold case.

The one on the right has a gold belt attached, which gives it a very luxurious feel.

The watch in the middle is made of white gold and adorned with diamonds, making it a more luxurious piece.

And to the right of that is the pink dial, which uses mother-of-pearl for the dial and expresses a mysterious beauty that changes its shine depending on the angle from which you view it.

The model on the right looks like a standard model at first glance, but the dial is set with diamonds.

Furthermore, the dial is different from a normal dial in that it is engraved with guilloche engraving, a technique that is only used on high-end lines that incorporate jeweled decorations.

The crown is also adorned with diamonds, giving the watch a luxurious feel.

The last model we will introduce is one that is rarely seen on the market and was probably made in very limited quantities, but it is a top-of-the-line model with alternating diamonds and Cartier's double C initials on the dial.

As with all models designed by Cartier, the Trinity was designed nearly 100 years ago, but it still looks modern and does not feel outdated when viewed today.


With the birth of Trinity, I think the Cartier brand rose to another level and became the brand we imagine today.

There are trends for many things, but the works created by Cartier designers are thought to retain a timeless beauty without being swayed by such trends.

And the Trinity model will continue to captivate people around the world with its beauty.