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rolex ladies datejust diamond

rolex ladies datejust diamond

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The Appeal of Rolex Ladies' Datejust

The appeal of Rolex Ladies' Datejust

The Datejust is a historic model that was released in 1953, and is attractive for its luxurious design and highly precise time measurement functions.

As you may already know, it was named after the fact that when the date changes, it changes exactly with a "bang!".

The Datejust for women in particular is characterized by more flashy logo marks and elegant dial designs compared to the men's models.

Another attractive feature is its sophisticated beauty, with a band made from high-quality materials and a mirror-finished case.

The current ladies' Datejust is 28mm, but the previous model was 26mm, a size that would fit comfortably even on women with slimmer wrists.

We carry both 28mm and 26mm watches, so please choose the one that fits your wrist best.

On the other hand, the Datejust is an expensive product, so it can be a big burden to obtain one, but when you weigh up its high-precision timekeeping functions and durability for long-term use, it is worth more than its price and is highly regarded as a wristwatch.

Just having one nice watch can make your everyday outings much more enjoyable and can bring your life to the next level, which is the appeal of Rolex watches.

Let's take a look at the types of bracelets (belts)

Rolex Ladies Watch Bracelet (Belt) Types

1. Rolesor

Rolesor is a term coined by Rolex, and in simple terms it is a combination of stainless steel and 18K gold.

2.18K Gold

All the materials are made of 18K gold, giving the watch a very luxurious and glamorous look.

3. Platinum

Platinum, known as a luxury material, is just as gorgeous and shiny as 18K gold. It has no color and has a calm atmosphere, but people who want a luxury model tend to choose platinum.

Check out the bracelet shape

Rolex Ladies Watch Bracelet (Belt) Shape

1. President

"President" means "President" in Japanese.

This watch was named after the fact that it was presented by Rolex to the President of the United States at the time, and is a strict belt design worthy of its name.

It features continuous kamaboko-shaped links that shine at various angles when worn on the wrist, creating an air of luxury and elegance.

The elegant and striking design makes it suitable for special occasions and business settings.

2. Oyster bracelet

The Oyster bracelet is Rolex's signature strap design and has been used since it was first introduced.

The Oyster bracelet is constructed with a durable three-link construction, giving it a sporty and robust look.

It features a simple and functional design, fits snugly on the wrist and is comfortable to wear.

When you think of a Rolex watch, the first thing that comes to mind is probably this strap.

2. Jubilee Bracelet:

The Jubilee bracelet is a design that gives an elegant impression.

Compared to the Oyster, the three central links create a delicate five-link structure that gives it an elegant impression.

It is especially popular in models such as the Datejust, and is suitable for formal occasions.

Let's take a look at the different types of bezels

I don't think women are very knowledgeable about watches, so I'll explain the position of the bezel just in case.

The bezel is the frame around the dial.

Rolexes come in a variety of shapes for this part, so I'd like to introduce them to you.

Rolex Ladies Watch Bezel Types

1. Smooth bezel

The smooth bezel features a simple design.

It has a basic watch style and its smooth appearance gives the whole watch a sophisticated look.

The smooth bezel is easy to match with everyday outfits and can be used in a wide range of situations, from casual to formal.

If you are purchasing a Rolex watch for the first time, we recommend the safe smooth bezel.

2. Fluted bezel

A fluted bezel is a design with small grooves (fluting) engraved into the bezel.

This decoration adds depth and shadow to the watch, making it look more elegant.

The fluted bezel therefore has an elegant and classic look while also enhancing the presence of the watch.

This bezel is often chosen for business, casual and formal occasions.

3. Diamond Bezel

A diamond bezel is a design in which diamonds are set in the bezel area.

A common comment we hear from customers who have purchased their rings is that the diamonds reflect light and brighten up the hand, making them feel good.

I often hear people say this.

The sparkling diamonds set on the bezel give it a luxurious feel and make it an eye-catching piece for special events and formal occasions, but it may also serve to provide you with daily energy.

These bezel types are generally chosen to suit individual tastes and style.

There is no one style that is better than the other; ``Smooth,'' ``Flute,'' and ``Diamond'' each have their own different impressions and charms, offering the fun of choosing even among ladies' models.

Let's look at the types of indexes

Again, if you are a woman, this may be difficult to understand unless you are a big fan of watches, so I will give a brief explanation.

An index is the "numeric part" on the dial, and the impression of the watch changes depending on what type of index is attached.

Let's take a look at each one.

Rolex Ladies Watch Index Types

1. 10P Diamond

10P Diamond refers to an index style in which diamonds are placed at positions other than 12 and 3 o'clock.

The diamonds are arranged in a regular pattern, giving the piece a cute and elegant look.

This is the most standard model among diamond indexes, so it is a recommended design for those who are considering purchasing a diamond.

2. Star Diamond

As the name suggests, star diamonds are diamonds with indexes shaped like a star.

The arrangement is slightly different from the regular 10P diamond model, and there are no star diamonds at the 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, and 9 o'clock positions.

Each diamond is star-shaped, giving it a cute and feminine impression.

Although it is a model that gives off a cute impression, the actual watch is very elegant and beautiful, making it a great accent accessory for mature women.

The index at the 9 o'clock position is a Roman numeral and is larger than the other indexes. Another stylish feature is that a diamond is placed within the numerals.

3. Bar Diamond

Bar diamonds are a style that uses rectangular, bar-shaped diamonds to decorate the index.

The bar diamond design is traditional for watches, and since it is close to the index, it is easy to see and retains the character of a watch, making it a recommended design for those who want a stylish watch.

The index at 9 o'clock also features a diamond set within the Roman numerals, a subtle accent within the bar that is a nice touch.

No matter which style you choose, the sparkle of diamonds will add a touch of glamour and luxury to your watch, allowing you to choose one that suits your individual tastes and style.

Have fun with the dial colors

Rolex ladies' watches are available in a variety of dial colors.

Find a color you like and get excited about it.

Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Type 1Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Type 2Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Type 3

Let's take a look at the dial decoration


Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Tapestry Types

The dial is called a tapestry and features a continuous series of extremely thin vertical lines.

As these are ladies' models, the colors used are pastel, giving off a soft, gentle vibe.

The soft colors give the dial a feminine and cute look, but the vertical lines give it a three-dimensional look and a luxurious feel.

Sunbeam Dial

Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Designs

Sunbeam refers to a dial design that is decorated with rays of sunlight radiating from the center of the dial.

This design feature creates a play of light and dark on the dial, providing depth and artistry to the watch.

In particular, the way the light hits it determines how it looks, so its beauty is accentuated by changes in light and lighting during the day.

Computer Dial

The computer dial features the ROLEX logo arranged in a row across the dial, and this too has the added bonus of creating a playful feel as the ROLEX letters appear to pop out or sink depending on how the light hits them.

It's a very interesting design as it's not obvious at first glance and looks like it's pixelated.

This design is more suitable for those who prefer intricately designed dials rather than simple ones.

Let's take a look at the attractive dial materials

Mother-of-pearl (shell) dial

Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Type Mother of Pearl (Shell)

Mother of pearl is also called a shell.

Mother-of-pearl is a beautiful natural material, and when used on a dial it gives off a variety of soft colours depending on how the light hits it, a characteristic of seashells.

Due to its characteristics, no two dials have the same layout or pattern, making it a true gift from nature.

It has a pale luster and subtle color variations, with each individual having a different color scheme.

Mother-of-pearl dials are elegant and refined, giving the watch a unique and glamorous look.

Natural stone dial

Rolex Ladies Watches - Types of Dials with Natural Stones

Like shells, the dials are made using natural stones, so the color arrangement and design are never the same, making each one unique and original.

These dials have vibrant and beautiful colors that make the watch stand out as a luxurious accent.

The diamond models we are introducing this time include some that have 10P directly on the dial, and others that only have diamonds at the 6th and 9th positions, providing you with the fun of choosing.

The sparkle of diamonds added to the natural stone dial creates shadows that give it an attractive look that is different from other models.

Other dial materials

Rolex Ladies Watches Other Dial Types

Meteorite Dial

Meteorite dials are made using a special type of rock called meteorite, which is extracted from meteorites.

Meteorites are combinations of different minerals and crystals, and the patterns and designs vary from one individual rock to another.

Meteorite dials have beautiful natural patterns and textures, and their appeal lies in the power they give you, as they seem to give you energy from outer space.

Crystal Dial

A crystal dial is not actually made of crystal, but is made to look like crystal.

Looking at the dial, it has a design made up of irregular blocks, with some areas being darker and some being lighter, giving it the appearance of a mosaic.

It has a clean look, and when light hits it it reflects beautifully, giving the dial depth.

Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Design Types Flower Series This is a series with a flower design that covers the entire dial.

From the left, the dial is based on silver, blue and green, and the bud part is decorated with diamonds.

The dial design is beautiful, but the sparsely placed diamonds make it an even more stylish watch.

Rolex Ladies Watch Dial Design Variety Butterfly Zebra Series

The butterfly series comes in both silver and gold, and both have an elegant and lovely look with butterflies fluttering across the dial.

The inside of the butterfly is made of the same materials as mentioned earlier, mother-of-pearl and meteorite, and the wings create beautiful, fantastical reflections depending on how the light hits them.

The zebra dial has a black base and is decorated with diamonds set on a pink gold base.

The pink gold contrasts with the black dial, creating a calm, yet chic and mature atmosphere.