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Cartier watch Vendome with Arabic numerals, small and medium size, sterling silver with vermeil

Sale price¥238,500 Regular price¥300,000

Cartier watch Vendome with Arabic numerals and vermeil on sterling silver.

Vendôme is the name of a square in France, where some of France's most famous high jewelry brands are located.

I guess it would be like Ginza in Japan.

This model, Vendome, has been named after this outstanding brand.

It is very cute and elegant and will add a touch of glamour to your hands, so if you are interested, please consider purchasing it.

To show you the size, we have included a photo of a model wearing the item at the end of the image.

The perfect fit for my wrist is 14cm, but if I measure it a little looser it's about 15cm, so please use this as a reference to get an idea of ​​the approximate size.

Case diameter 24mm (excluding crown)


It is in very beautiful and clean condition.

The overhaul has been completed so you can use it from the day it arrives.