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Cartier Tank Francaise LM size 18K white gold model Ref.2366

Sale price¥1,080,000

Cartier Tank Francaise LM size 18K white gold model Ref.2366

The Française is a model that has a sophisticated image, but by having a WG model rather than the standard line stainless steel, you will feel a sense of exclusivity.

I'll briefly talk about the difference in shine between stainless steel and white gold.

White gold is an alloy made of pure gold and nickel- or palladium-based metals, and is a material often used in jewelry.

One of the major features of white gold is its beautiful, shining silver color.

Because of its subdued color, it is easy to match even for those who are not fond of flashy colors such as yellow gold or pink gold, and it can be said that it is a metal that goes well with both casual and formal fashion.

The big difference with stainless steel is that stainless steel can also be made to have a brilliant shine, but white gold naturally produces this effect, and this can be said to be the metallic texture, luxury, and weightiness that white gold possesses.

The actual weight is about 1.5 times that of stainless steel.

The comfort and weight that only high-quality materials can provide are also highlights of the 18K model.

The case is made of this high-quality material, while the dial features silver-based guilloche engraving, adding a glittering accent to the wrist.

For the Française, the standard is for the bracelet to be integrated into the watch, but the 18K model comes with no bracelet and is a belt type.

Another attractive feature of this watch is that you can create a special watch that is unique to you by using your favorite colors and materials for the strap.


Case diameter 28mm (excluding crown)

Lug width 20mm


There are some scratches, but it is in very good condition considering its age.

Please come and see us in store.

It is currently being overhauled at an affiliated workshop.

Completion is scheduled for the end of May.

More detailed photos will be uploaded at that time.