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Cartier Mastrond Ladies Round Watch Quartz Model

Sale price¥245,000

Cartier Mastrond Ladies Round Watch Quartz Model

Mast means "must have," and since the 1970s the Mast series has been available in a variety of models, including Tank.

Among them, the Rondo featured this time is characterized by its round style.

Unlike current models, the case is made of pure silver (925/1000), giving it a luxurious feel.

Compared to stainless steel, it has the advantage of being soft against the skin and having no sharp edges.

It's silver, so it goes well with any outfit.

This is a very nice vintage watch, so if you've been interested, why not get your hands on one?

This watch is worn by women with wrists measuring 14cm to 15cm.

Case Size 27mm


It is in good condition with no noticeable scratches.

The overhaul has been completed, so you can wear it immediately after it arrives.

Warranty period: 3 months

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