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Cartier Must Tank Vermeil Watch for Women, Manual Winding SV925 Quartz Watch

Sale price¥286,800 Regular price¥340,000

This is a ladies' quartz Cartier Must Tank 925 watch.

Cartier is sure to be one of the most coveted watch brands.

Among them, the Tank, one of their most representative models, is a popular model that competes for first and second place.

It has a square rectangular case that was popular during the Art Deco era and a dial with a minute rail, making for a very stylish design.

The number that indicates the purity of the silver used in the case is 925, and silver that is close to pure silver is used.

Although gold is a plating, it is a beautiful coating that gives a woman a sense of elegance.

The strap has been replaced with a soft silicone one, which feels very pleasant against the skin and gives off a feminine vibe.

I think it would be a wonderful piece as a reward for yourself or as a gift for a husband to give to his wife, so be sure to wear it and spend time with it.

The battery has been replaced with a new one, so you can use it for a while without having to replace it.

O/H is also completed and it is ready for immediate use.


Diameter 20.5mm (excluding crown)

Length including lugs: 28mm


There are no noticeable scratches and it appears to be in good condition.

Please refer to the image.