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Tank Louis Cartier 1970s Louis Cartier Collection LM size

Sale priceΒ₯1,650,000

Tank Louis Cartier 1970s Louis Cartier Collection 😊

This is one of the Louis Cartier collection, of which only 12 models were reproduced in the 1970s.

A distinctive feature of watches made in the Louis Cartier collection is that they have the country of manufacture indicated at the 6 o'clock position, which is generally "SWISS."

However, this one is titled "PARIS."

It is said that this is a tribute to the fact that the third-generation president, Louis, designed these products in a workshop in Paris, France.

Of all the Cartier watches to date, only those made in this collection bear the name PARIS; none before or since.

That's why the PARIS dial is so popular.

It may seem a little small compared to current sizes, but in the 1970s this was a standard men's size, and is just right for a dress watch.

The last photo is an image of how it looks when worn by me, who has a wrist circumference of about 17cm.

Of course, the case size is not too big, so it is perfectly fine for women to wear.


Case diameter: 23cm


There are cracks in the case, but it has aged beautifully and shows its age.

The rest is in good condition considering its age.