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Must de Cartier Tank Bordeaux Sterling Silver with 18K Vermeil, LM size

Sale price¥380,000 Regular price¥420,000

Must de Cartier Tank Bordeaux Sterling Silver with 18K Vermeil LM size

This watch was made in the 1980s, so although it is a men's watch, it is a little smaller than modern sizes and can be worn by women as well.

Of course, it will also give men a stylish and elegant look.

This is a type of Must de Tank that does not have an index, but it was reissued in 2021 as the Tank Must.

This watch is the model on which the revival was based.

Even though it's a watch of this age, the materials are still very good.

The reproduction model has a stainless steel case, but the Mast Tank from the 1980s is made of sterling silver 925 with a 18k gold vermeil coating.

The movement is Cal. 78-1, a hand-wound movement manufactured by ETA.

The strap is a genuine Cartier strap that remains in its original condition and shows little signs of wear.

Although it is simple, Cartier's design skills have resulted in an elegant and beautiful watch.

If you've been looking for a wine red tank, this is a must-have item.


Case diameter: 23mm

Case length 30mm


The overhaul has been completed and it is operating with high precision.

It is in good condition with no noticeable chips, cracks or scratches.