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Must de Cartier Tank Ladies Vintage Watch Ivory SM Size Quartz Sterling Silver with 18K Vermeil

Sale price¥345,000 Regular price¥380,000

Must de Cartier Tank Ladies Vintage Watch Ivory SM Size Pure Silver with 18K Vermeil

This is a watch from the extremely popular Tank series, but it is a small and cute watch.

This is because it was made in the 1980s, when watches for both men and women were not as large as they are today.

For this reason, smaller watches are more suitable for slender Japanese women than watches that are too large, and they make a nice accent on the wrist.

This Must de Cartier Tank was also worn by designer Yves Saint Laurent and was loved by artists as well.

It has a simple rectangular design, but because it is simple and timeless, it will continue to be sought after by people all over the world, no matter how much time passes.

The dial is clean and free of the fine cracks commonly found on mast tanks.

This item has been polished to remove scratches and has 5μ (50 sheets of gold leaf) on the case and 2μ on the buckle. It has been re-plated (the equivalent of 20 sheets of gold leaf) , giving the gold a deeper, more beautiful shine.

This is a must-have item for anyone looking for a vintage Cartier watch.

The model's wrist size is about 14cm when worn snugly, and about 15cm when loosened (see last photo).

The colors are different, but the size is the same SM.


Case diameter 20mm

Case length including lugs: 27mm

Arm circumference: approx. 13-17cm

A new belt made by Cassis is attached.

Movement method Quartz


It has been refurbished to look like new, so it is in very nice and beautiful condition.

(We have given it a new finish, but deep scratches cannot be removed, so we hope you will consider it to be in good condition for a used item. There is some wear on the buckle, but it is on the back and cannot be seen (see photo).)

It has been overhauled so it is ready to use right from the moment it arrives.

Warranty period: 3 months