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Cartier Mastrond Ladies Round Watch Quartz ModelCartier Mastrond Ladies Round Watch Quartz Model


This is Seno from "Belle Montre."

In this video, we will explain the currently available model, "Rondo."

I think what everyone is wondering is, "There are many different names that are added after rondo, but what are the differences?"

So, here we will look at the differences in the names and performance of the Rondo series watches, and how Cartier differentiates them.

I will explain these things in detail, so please stay with me until the end.

Explanation of the meaning and appeal of Rondo

The prototype of the Ronde, the Ronde Louis Cartier, is said to have been created by the third generation Louis Cartier around 1937, but its history is still vague and there is no accurate information from Cartier, so it cannot be determined with any certainty.

The word "ronde" means "round" in French.

So, as you can see from the design of the watch, the Rondo Series is a round watch.

From here, we also come across ``Louis'' and ``Mast,'' so let's take a closer look.

What is Ronde Louis Cartier?

First, there is the "Louis" name, which comes from the name of Louis Cartier, the third generation who made Cartier world famous.

There is also a square model, the Tank Louis Cartier, and anything with the 'Louis' attached is recognized as a product of the highest quality, so it is fine to think of the Ronde as having the same meaning.

In short, the top of the line square model is the Tank Louis Cartier and the top of the line round model is the Ronde Louis Cartier.

What is Rondes Must de Cartier?

So, what are the must-haves? These are for those who don't need the same amount of sparkle as the Louis, and for those who want a Cartier watch at a more affordable price.

So let's take a look back at history to see why this model came about.

The first Rondo was born in the 1970s, and the Rondo Mast actually existed at that time as well.

In the 1970s, as the wealthy middle class was growing, Cartier also began to offer mid-priced items in an effort to attract this group, instead of only offering high-priced items.

At that time, Cartier's global expansion was unstoppable, so if you're interested in what it was like back then, please watch this video:

The word "must" means "must have", and the message sent by Cartier is that it is a must-have item for any fashionable person.

With the birth of the Must-have series in the 1970s, Cartier items, which had previously only been available to the wealthy, became a brand that anyone could reach if they tried hard enough, although not all of them.

This must-have series was going to be a big hit and would be in production for a long time.

The Mast series was produced until roughly the mid-2000s, but to keep up with the times, it was passed on to the next model, which is the Rondo Solo.

The Ronde Solo was launched in 2006 and production was scheduled to end in 2021, but it was succeeded by the current line, Ronde Must de Cartier, which was launched in 2022.

The evolution of Cartier's watches from Must de Ronde to Ronde Solo to Rondemast

If you remove Louis and understand this order, I think it will be easier to understand the many rondos.

Below is a brief timeline.

1. The birth of the first Mast de Ronde in the 1970s

2. The Birth of the Rondo Solo 2006

3. Rondo Solo to be discontinued in 2021

4. Birth of Rondo Mast 2022

Discover the Ronde Louis Cartier

The Ronde Louis Cartier collection is available in five variations.

Because they are originally a jewelry brand, they are able to prepare a variety of patterns by combining a wide range of materials, including precious metals and gemstones.

Various variations of the Ronde Louis Cartier

The Ronde series does not have sizes such as SM, which are used to indicate Cartier sizes.

Instead, the case sizes are listed; I think 29mm is for ladies, 36mm is for unisex, and 40mm is for the men's model.

Since it is named after Louis, the material used is not stainless steel but pink (rose) gold.

It is a luxurious, elegant and beautiful watch.

All models up to 36mm are equipped with quartz movements, but the 40mm model is equipped with an automatic movement and also has a date display.

If we use Cartier's original size notation, I think it would look something like this:




It will be.

All four Ronde Louis Cartier watches are equipped with quartz movements, except for the central 40mm model, which is equipped with an automatic movement.

Discover the Rondes Must de Cartier

Various variations of the Ronde Must de Cartier

This is the Ronde Must de Cartier, but what makes this watch unique is that it is made of stainless steel.

Rondomasut is great because it can be purchased at an affordable price thanks to the use of new materials, but this one is also chic, calm and beautiful.

At first glance, there isn't much difference between the Rondo Mast and the Rondo Solo, so let's take a look at them together and compare them.

Cartier watches: The difference between Rondo Solo and Rondo Mast

First, the Solo. Tank also sold the Solo until 2021, but what makes this Solo unique is that the surface of the case is cut flat.

The left side is the Solo and the right side is the Rondmast, and if you look around the dial, you can easily see the difference.

As for the dial, the Solo model has a 24-hour display on the inside of the inner circle, but the Rondomast model has no such display and instead has a simpler dial.

I hope you understand that if you know the characteristics and meaning of the model, it is fairly easy to tell them apart.


Finally, to sum up, when you think of Cartier, you probably think of square watches, but they also have beautiful round watch models like this one.

Additionally, each Rondo has incorporated the trends of the time, meaning that it has a charm that cannot be found in current models.

I hope that this article will pique your interest in Rondo and help you make your selection.